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    You ever wonder how to start a summary? Trying to figure out just how to write out your experiences, how to try and accomplish multiple goals? Not only are you trying to engage an audience in your real-virtual-interactive story, but you are also creating a memory of your adventure. It's amazing what writing down or typing your experiences can do for you. I have had a blast writing this blog and watching as others follow along and being able to interact with them in a semi-real-time setting. It has been a learning lesson for me as I attempted to communicate our experiences with others - while hoping to make it entertaining, so that everyone would want to continue reading. Ok, enough of that sappy stuff πŸ™‚ but had to get that outa the way. Now to try and remember what the heck happened recently, since I didn't write anything down on the actual days. Backing up a couple of days here, the last two days of our trip were seemingly very busy. Both days were at sea, which I really enjoy. However, after snorkeling on Labadee and hanging out in the suite area beach, we sure wish there was a route that would start with Labadee and end with Labadee. But having the final two days be at sea, allowed us to enjoy the ship a little more and also allowed the kids to hang out with the new found friends. I think the kids preferred being on the ship, away from us #LittlePunks Honestly, it's all good - we don't require much, just come and eat dinner with us and say hi every now and then. I swear, there were a couple of days where they woke up late, missed breakfast but got dressed really quick and bolted out the door as fast as they could to meet up with their friends. The next to last day, Thursday, we had the We Will Rock You show at 2:30 followed by the Chef's table at 6:30. I know somewhere back up in this post I said to go see the WWRY show multiple times, and yes, do it. We had all the shows booked early in the cruise, but released all our times thinking it would be easier to have our genie book them all. Yeah, being the planners we are - that sorta backfired on us. Next time - we book our own show time. That way if we really enjoy one of the shows, then we can go back and see it a second time. We would have gone and seen WWRY and Spectra twice - had we seen it towards the start of the cruise. Chef's table. If you like wine, this might be a cool experience for you. They start with a blonde wine and end with a bold red - or at least that's my interpretation. Our meal lasted just over 3 hours. But - it was honestly because of the company of the other guests there. Six of the other guests were all in the royal suite as SC, so we were able to hit it off with them right off the bat. I felt a little bad for the other couple who were at the end of the table that were not really engaging in much of the conversation. Now granted, it's a long table we were sitting at …. There were six people on each side of the table. Kinda hard to lean forward and holla at the person at the other end of the table. The food was just ok. It felt like just a little better presented version of different foods from all the different restaurants. We already had all of it before. The rest of the day was just lounging around and playing down in the casino. At least we won a little bit on Thursday to have some extra play money for Friday. Friday - sad day. Most of the morning was spent packing up, oh yeah guess what … yeah, #LittlePunks bolted. Oh well, we would do the same thing at their age. Our packing goal was to have about 75% of everything packed, most of the room clean (yes, we keep our room pretty clean and picked up), all persons have a shower and all drawers emptied. That way, the next morning all we have to do is pack up the final toiletries and pj's. This allows us to not be all stressed getting off the ship, which has been stressful in the past. We took a break in the middle of the morning go to take a quick tour of the Control Room. Yen got us a couple of spots to tag along with the all access tour. Yes, I said couple because the kids had 'other plans' #CuteBoys #Games If you haven't done a control room tour, it is really interesting. Honestly, for me it was just cool to be able to see stuff that I've watched on tv. I've seen how the Anthem was built on the science channel multiple times … What, you don't have shows you like to watch multiple times? #DontJudge After a quick lunch break, up in our favorite place the CK, we took off a quick bridge tour. Um, yeah, so there were only 5 of us … we counted for two. The kids were #TooBusy to hang with us and go on the tour. Was still fun even though we had done the same thing on Oasis a couple years ago. After the tour, it was back to finishing up packing a little bit. We did a little bit of quick shopping for a t-shirt or two, but didn't really see any RCL stuff that we wanted. Usually, there is a couple of cool trinket type things we like to pick up, yeah, not here. There was a little casino playing involved that entertained us for a little bit. But then, guess what … yup #TimeToEat. It almost felt like the people on the Wall-E spaceship … wonder around from one place to another, grazing. Hmm … did you hear that cattle call? Ok, ok … I can't say anything about eating so much because it was time to hit the Coastal Kitchen for the last dinner. And you know what that means …. FILET! Yes, I was on a filet-binge this trip after the first night or two, knowing it would awhile before I would enjoy the … sweet … flavorful … tenderness … mmmm … of a filet. Oh, I didn't tell you? Yeah, most of the house enjoys the non-meat version of food. Sure, I can go get some type of meat but last few times I got one of those rotated chickens, I couldn't finish it all. So, yeah … there you go. It was a great filet … I knew what was to follow, however. The #MeatSweat #WildDreams #YouKnowOtherStuff was all on the way, but well worth the sacrifice. We gave the kids a midnight curfew since we had to get up early the next day and get booted, I mean, escorted off the ship. Something about new cruisers come on board shortly thereafter - meh. Back to the casino for another hour or so at a game that we had a lot of fun at. After we regained some of our play money, we wandered up the Brass and Bock to catch up with the other family we had met at Chef's table. We hung out with them for a little bit, ordered some fried pickles and sat out near Sorento's to people watch. It was hard thinking it was closing in on midnight and we needed to get to bed before the chaos of leaving the next day. Saturday - #GetOffMyShip We had set the latest disembarkation we could at 9:30. Up at 7 to get our coffee and stumble down to the La Pastatier (I still can't spell it) to grab some of those bags of goodies. It wasn't until almost the last day before we found out those were included. Now we know - now ya'll know. The Coastal was open for breakfast, so we went up there to say bye the gang who took amazing care of us. We left out primary server a thank you card and a few dollars. Back up to the room to wait out the remaining time. The kids were waking up and still groggy after partying hard the previous night. Yen came and got us at 9:30 and walked us off the ship and down through customs. Everything went pretty smooth until we got outside and then we were shuffled into the rest of the crowd hunting rides home. #NoMoreSC 😞 We booked a Lyft ride to airport for about $28 bucks or so. Took him about 20 minutes to get to us after booking on our phone. The ride back to the airport was fairly quick, even though the Lyft driver was fairly new and missed our turn to the zone for the Southwest flights. No worries, we helped him navigate all the way back around to get to our terminal. We checked in and ditched our luggage and headed to the departure gate. Security was a little of a pain, since there was only one point where they funneled everyone through. #WishWeHadAYen Our flight wasn't scheduled to leave until about 2:15 and it was just after 11 when we got all through security and to the gate. We grabbed a little bite to try and waste some time, then went and found us a seat. I think all of us zoned out and put in our earbuds to listen to stuff on our phones. About an hour before we were supposed to leave, they came over the speaker and said the airport was shut down and flights delayed for an hour or two. Sigh … more time to wait at the airport. Well, come to find out, a United plane had a flat tire and went off the runway. Noone was hurt and things were ok, they just needed a couple of cranes and a can of fix-o-flat. Our delay turned out to be almost 6 additional hours we were not expecting. We finally boarded right around 7pm - ugh. Finally, decent flight and watched a movie to pass the time. Next thing we knew, we were touching down in Nashville. Ah, finally home. #Exhausted Thank you for following along on our journey. I took almost 1,000 pictures during the entire cruise that now need culling and figuring out how to organize them. I've posted quite a few along our adventure here that hopefully will help others out on their future Anthem cruise. There are a few more that I'm going to post in a random post over the next couple of days. If there are any questions about our cruise or pictures you might be looking for, just let me know. You can either reply to this blog or send me a DM. Once again, thanks to everyone for making this a great first time blogging experience! I look forward to our next cruise and my next major blog - Harmony May 31, 2020 Thanks! John and Carrie Hobby
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    Day 8 - back to Barcelona 😞 We woke up at 5:30 am , much to early but we had a flight to catch at 9:25 and we wanted to play it safe. quick breakfast and WJ (which was open from 5:30 AM) and a coffee from the coffee machine in the diamond club. we finish to pack the leftovers and started our way with the suitcases to the embarkation gate.from the time we left the room to the time we took the taxi it was less ten minutes, another 20 minutes and we were at the airport just to find that check in counters were not even open (yes , we could spend another hour sleeping). Check in was done 30 minutes after and we waited to catch our flight for our connection. Connection was way too long , but we decided we both will work during the connection time so we can catch before coming to office. at 2 am we landed back home , tired but happy to return home. Few things we learned during this cruise : 1. Even if it is the fifth time we are doing this route there is always something else to see. 2. No need to be afraid taking a cruise for a ship that is due to refurbished , the ship looked great. 3. If you know what you want to do in port you can save allot of money doing it without RCL, we done the Cinque Tere by our own which cost us 38$ comparing to 120-130 RCL wanted , we went to Rome using a bus and a train which cost us around 30 $ comparing to 60$ RCL wanted for transfer , we could even made it 20$ if we did not missed the train. There is a free shuttle in Marseilles port gate comparing to the 20 $ shuttle that RCL is offering. Many other examples , One exception will be if you want to see Florence, its just too far to take any risk. 4. No issue to take early flight from Barcelona , the ship most of the time arrives way before the official time. 5. It was the first time we have done self embarkation , it was very easy and smooth and we will try it again. 6. Its bad tell people at work you will be available if needed , people do not know to decide what is real emergency ... 7.We need at least one more sea days to enjoy the ship. 8. We love Oasis class , can not wait for the new Oasis ship. 9. Cats is not becoming better when you watch it for the second time. 10. Drinking package dose not make much sense with Med cruises without sea days. 11. Always do a WJ recon , you never know what you will find. 12. 7 days is not enough , 10 days or B2B should be considered πŸ™‚ It was another fun experience , thank you for following. See you next time over Rhapsody at the end of August and Spectrum of the Seas during October.
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    On Anthem an out of control kid ran into the Staff Captain, literally. This brat had been punching random guests waiting near elevators while the parents did nothing. Small kid like 5 or 6 so not a death punch but still, you don't do that. He's running around and slams into the Staff Captain who walks into the area by coincidence. Staff Captain grabs kid and tells him to slow down, calm down, etc. Father doesn't like a crew member admonishing his kid so he starts getting into it verbally with Staff Captain. Along the way the father escalates it into "I know where you live and I'm coming for your family". Boom - cabin arrest. Next morning the whole family was put off in San Juan. Around eight of them including grand parents who all got to fly home at their own expense. Big tough Jersey attitude didn't fly with the Staff Captain. Threatening his family was the last straw. I'm sure this guy went home and told his friends "I didn't do nothing, we were just kicked off" and maybe by New York or New Jersey standards that's just friendly banter but it didn't work on the ship. That was our first stop on a 11 night cruise after one sea day coming down from Bayonne. Nice way to lose what must have cost several thousand for the cruise plus then having to buy plane tickets same day to fly home.
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    Royal is geared to appeal to families across the spectrum from the young to the young at heart. There is always a lot going on around a Royal ship. Royal also trends to larger ships where Celebrity operates a smaller fleet. You won't find any Quantum or Oasis class sized ships in the Celebrity fleet. Celebrity is more an adult cruise line, more refined but not in the luxury high end market. No bumper cars, zip lines, ice skating rinks, water slides, sky pads, laser tag, flowriders, iFly indoor sky diving, etc. on Celebrity. That's not to say kids are not welcome on Celebrity but there isn't the space and activities dedicated to them like there is on Royal so you tend to see fewer kids on Celebrity. It won't be zero kids but not as many as Royal. I enjoy Royal even if I don't do all the activities because it keeps me young. Celebrity is there for me if I ever grow up and mature.
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    I had great intentions of blogging our trip live. Unfortunately, I was so exhausted each day that I failed miserably. But, I kept pictures. And, I may have some helpful information on ports and the like. So, I thought I would share and answer any questions folks might have. I arrived in Miami a couple of days before our cruise for work and my family joined me a day early. We stayed at the Loews Miami beach, and loved the room, the views, the beach, and the Miami beach vibe! Being from California, we were able to stay up late (for us 11:00 pm is late), and just wander Lincoln Avenue. The hotel is pricy for a short stay. It does, however, offer a beautiful oceanfront pool area for kids and a terrific beach. We used both. The folks at the beach hut were quick to provide chairs and umbrellas. On the morning of the cruise, we got up early (the picture that looks like night was really morning) and walked the beach all the way south. On the way back, we walked up Collins Ave. and found a nice little place along the sidewalk for breakfast. They all run together, so I did not really figure out where we actually ate. But, I think all of the places along the street would be nice for breakfast.
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    Small showers in staterooms!

    Never seen a post before about how TINY the showers are on the ships! I am on Adventure of the Seas right now and it is so tiny my arms hit the walls while I wash up! I am a smallish 5’6” female at 130 pounds. I do not know how larger people do it. I have a photo of how much room there is. Will post when internet allows. Don’t worry, I am fully clothed in pic. LOL.!!!
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    After breakfast and some pool time, we took an Uber to the port. Unfortunately, we ran into an event (some type of triathalon), so the trip took much longer than anticipated. We are staying in 1758 which qualifies as Star Class. We arrived relatively early (about 11:30). We had no problem finding the Star Class flag and the attendant with the flag. It took the Star Class person a bit of time to find a porter to help, but once she tracked one down, we were whisked away (with luggage) to a private lounge area. We were offered a nice place to sit, and one of the genies came over and took our passports. After a couple of minutes, he returned with our boarding cards and we boarded the ship, luggage and all. Although early, our room was prepared and beautifully set up with birthday decorations and a birthday cake for my husband. From the time we arrived at the terminal to arriving in our cabin with our luggage took no more than 15 minutes. Back up -- we were the Allure going to Nassau, Roatan, Costa Maya, and Cozumel. Sorry about the lack of upfront information! Before we left, I had exchanged several emails with our genie, Alan. I let him know which shows we wanted to see (my son is a theater kid, and wanted to see Mama Mia all three times!), our food likes and dislikes, and our general schedule. I also let him know it was my husband's birthday. We really enjoyed all of the work that Alan put into making our cruise perfect for us, as I will try to detail as we go through the trip. We first met Alan when we got to our cabin. He greated us effusively and let us know everything going on for the day. We asked for a lunch recommendation, and he recommended Coastal Kitchen. As we had a big breakfast and planned for dinner at Chops, we decided to have a light lunch and CK was perfect! In addition, we had so much food in our room when we arrived, we did not really need lunch at all! Alan also explained the entertainment schedule for the week, and set up spa appointments. The cabin attendant, Marco, came and explained how to use the room. There were many buttons and switches that controlled the lights, curtains, and shades. He also explained how to use the hot tub on the balcony (use there was a hot tub, and we used it!) The hot tub was an amenity we were not expecting, so that was a great surprise. We stayed in cabin 1758 which is next to CK, and it was a simply spectacular cabin. It offers an entirely separate bedroom with a door separating the bedroom from the living area, two bathroom areas, a huge amount of storage space, floor to ceiling windows, and an expansive balcony. We were just astonished by the cabin, and ended up spending as much time as we could in it. I far preferred sitting on the cabin balcony to sitting at the pool. I could feel like I was alone on my own ship as opposed to sharing it with 6000 other people! After eating and getting oriented, we spent some time outside before the muster. Our son took advantage of the zip line several times as well as the flowrider before it got too busy. We also played mini golf, which for some reason was empty. After the muster, we just relaxed and unpacked until a fabulous dinner at Chops and then Mama Mia. At Chops, we enjoyed the filet and lobster. I know some do not like Chops. I love it, and I am not much of a meat person. To me, they did a great job with the lobster and sides, and provided top-notch service. The Mama Mia case was excellent, and we go to many shows. Honestly, the cast on the ship rivaled many I have seen in LA. We later learned that it was that cast's last cruise on their contraperhaps they did a spectacular job the last week? Regardless, the show was great.
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    Small showers in staterooms!

    Affirming my infinity for the newer ships (or a Jr. suite on the older ships) since I am truly built like my namesake (the cartoon Viking)
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    Be Disrepectful, Get Kicked Off Ship!!

    I'm fairly certain that at least 93% of Darwin Award winners do not know who Darwin is. (Why 93%? I don't know, an odd number makes it sound more official.)
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    Small showers in staterooms!

    just lather up the sides of the shower and twist around! All Clean!!
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    Who ever would do such a thing? ...
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    I'm very weary about joining FB roll call groups. I'm not a fan of letting people know that I'm away from my home, even with the security we have and often there are still people in the home...I just don't like strangers knowing we are away. FB has real names, real locations, even pictures of our home that makes us an easy target, IMHO. Anyone can join a group pretending to be on a cruise, just to stalk for robbery. I don't even like posting on the Periscoper roll call that we are traveling. Anyone who really wants to find me can, but I don't want to make it easier. I know groups don't have access to my page based on my security settings, but people who know how can easy hack through that. I'm a bit paranoid, I know...
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    Arent the bulk of Darwin Award winners dead?
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    Small showers in staterooms!

    Those shower stalls (the ones with the doors) remind me of this device from the Woody Allen's movie "Sleeper":
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    Who plans the cruise?

    Lol me. I just tell my husband when it is and eventually how much money I spent
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    Only contact me if the place burns down. So I can extend my cruise!
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    Stupidest Man competition on board would liven things up. The Sexiest Man competition on board is getting a little old. πŸ˜€
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    Now to mdr for breakfast
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    Thanks! I bet you'll love Anthem - I mean, come on, you're on a cruise πŸ˜„ This was the first time we sorta let the kids 'free'. Most nights, they had a midnight curfew but a few nights we let them stay out till 1 am. The teen stuff closes around midnight anyways, so they didn't need to be out past that. We thought as it of a captive space - not like staying out till midnight at home driving around town somewhere. As @Lovetocruise2002 says, #TeamCK πŸ™‚ Harmony is only 11 months away ... sigh
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    I will definitely try to make it. I have brought a performing group on a cruise before and it’s hard to get other cruisers to attend these performances. Talk it up with everyone you meet and make sure RCL puts it in the Cruise Compass (with the correct times, we’ve had problems with this in the past), and even better, try to get them to make some announcements. Try to get the ear of the cruise director, they could likely help with that promotion.
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    So, final day and observations I woke up at 4 and couldn't get back to sleep so read and waited for 6 when I could get Dave up. Eventually we made it to Windjammer for breakfast which was quite good. Took final pictures, hugged and kissed friends goodbye then went to Boleros to wait for wheelchair disembark 1. Boleros is right outside of the casino. Even though everything was closed we couldn't stand the smoke smell from the casino. It was Bad if you are sensitive I would stay away from the 4th floor. We had to get as far away as possible Wheelchair disembark is not well organized. You show up in boleros, and a staff person is there writing down names in some random order. I told her we had the rented wheelchair and it needed to stay on board. She really didn't know anything about it. Eventually a nice man in dress whites told us they would bring a wheelchair and we could leave this one in boleros and special needs would pick it up. After waiting for a while a pusher came and the crew member asked if they had a large wheelchair for someone else there was some discussion and then she told him to push us out. I told him again about the rental and he said it was fine he'd push us to terminal and then bring chair back to ship. So he took us past scan out, up gangway to terminal, and then we exchanged wheelchairs with a pushed in port building. He took us down to get our luggage, then asked what id we had. Dave and I had only our birth certificates license, and he said that the incredibly long line was for those people, passports could walk right out. So, if you were wondering, THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE A PASSPORT! However, he told us to be quiet and then he took us around the line and right to customs who looked at our stuff and waived us through. While I usually try not to place the disabled card, in this case Dave would have really suffered so I was ok with it. Then we went out to get picked up by our private car The port building and pickup really harshes your mellow. It's a beautiful building but the pickup area was designed by idiots. The area reminds me of a cage match between Chicago, New York, and LA cab drivers. It's disorganized, cars randomly stop, block, cut each other off. There are obviously "special" people who are allowed to sit at curb longer while everyone else gets threatened with tickets. The fumes are causing premature death. Our wheelchair pusher was nice but we basically were in everyone's way until our driver came and he had to drive around 3 times before he could stop and get us. I really was shocked at how badly it was designed, and he said Saturdays are twice as bad. So, plan for plenty of time and craziness. Eventually we made it out and went to FLL. there was a terrible accident going south on 95 and traffic was backed up for miles. So, anyone driving down to ship was going to get there much later than they planned, so, I agree you should try to get to terminal as early as possible so you don't have problems. That said, don't get there until the boat is unloaded and all of those people are out of the way FLL airport was crowded. The wheelchair pusher was very nice but security worked a little differently than Cincinnati and it was more crazy. But she nicely took us to family restroom and waited while we went. Dave was really not feeling well so we took forever and I ended up having to give her a really big tip for waiting. FLL gate seating is tight and not setup like Cincinnati so it was crowded and you couldn't sit near counter. In Cincinnati Ms Ginger took our boarding passes to gate and made sure they knew we were there to help us. FLL didn't and when I went yo talk to gate people they really didn't much care. Basically said to figure it out and when they were ready to board a pusher would get us. Eventually he did, they called for us to go forward, he said we had to wait, and basically the other passengers pushed him to take us up front. It was confusing and I feel bad because I didn't tip him. Eventually though we made it and first class was still worth it. A more turbulent flight but went OK. A nice young guy from San Diego cane to push us off plane and to baggage. We asked for family bathroom again and he said they are locked and pushers don't get keys. So, we ended up waiting at baggage. I called for shuttle and they told me pickup spot but it was hidden and we went to wrong place. Finally asked safety guy and he gave me better directions. Shuttle guy was great, took us right to the car, helped Dave in. Got luggage loaded and headed for home, where I was looking "forward" to the loads of laundry awiting me. Which would have been much smaller had I not overpacked so much!! So, observations Dave and I would cruise again, but I would prefer a port I could drive to I'd bring a lot less stuff I'd try for an itinerary that started with a sea day so I could rest up and then enjoy Port days on ship while everyone else is gone I'd take the time and effort to get passports even if they aren't necessary I'd skimp in other areas to be able to spring for 1st class if flying I'd have just arranged a private car to take us from home to airport and pick us and take us home I'd take a closer look at wheelchair options, because larger front wheels would have made pushing around ship easier. If Dave wasn't blind I would definitely recommend a scooter instead for getting around the ship I'd make sure I knew exactly what I needed to bring to use the oxygen with the cpap and I wouldn't have been so slow to realize I didn't have tubing I used my friend Denise to arrange everything since she is a travel agent and I would definitely do that again. In fact, I recommend using a travel agent no matter what. It's free and they are the experts so take advantage of what they can tell you I'd use Robert at Prestige as private car in Florida and let him get gray hair from Miami traffic I wouldn't get the drink package again, mostly because I didn't get out enough to use it I would eat in MDR as long as I was meeting friends or not in hurry. The food in MDR was better than the buffet as was service but it's not a quick meal. I would have ordered more desserts too. I'd eat at cafe promenade more because that was actually the best food I had. I actually ate a lot less than I thought I would the whole cruise which is good for my waist but not as much fun. El Loco fresh was good too. I'd hang out in viking lounge during the day more, where it's quiet but a nice view I'd get a virtual balcony if offered, that really made the room feel bigger While I don't like heights I never found that to be a problem on ship even standing at balcony I was incredibly disappointed with the coffee. You better like your coffee really strong/burnt. You cannot put enough cream and sugar in to make it palatable. I'd take a longer cruise. Since the travel to and from is the hardest part, a longer cruise would have allowed for more relaxation and we would have eventually done more stuff. When we planned this a year and a half ago, I had just started my own company and I couldn't see being away 5 days much less longer. Now I know I can make a longer vacation work and/or take a computer if necessary I'd make a bigger effort to learn and remember people's names. I was discombobulated and always keeping an eye on Dave and making sure I didn't lose anything and it interfered with my natural desire to be gracious and friendly I wouldnt try to travel with just Dave alone. That was hard and I either need to have really good friends along or bring a companion to help me keep track of Dave and everything else. That's about it for now but I may add some comments later as I think of things
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    I am here now on Adventure of the Seas. Left out of Port Bayonne/Cape Liberty yesterday. When they scanned our carry ons at security, they saw our three cases of soda and told us that only one was permitted per stateroom, and they took two away. Bummer! Yes, we knew the policy, but a lot of others on the boards said to give it a try, so we did. (Please do not judgeπŸ˜€). The ship is ROCKING like crazy! We are heading now to Bermuda and it has been nonstop back and forth. Never needed Dramamine in our lives, and everyone that we know is taking it! CONSTANT MOTION! Thank God we packed it! Food is great, easy to find lots of great food! Great mix of people here, all ages. We were told there are currently 200 children on board. My son is 15 and went to the teen meet and greet last night and already has a pack of friends now to run around with. We have a dry erase board on our stateroom door and someone keeps drawing naked genitalia on it?????? My hubby is mad about that, but it is kind of funny to meπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I am open to any questions anyone has about the Adventure of the Seas. May take me a day or two to reply, since I am having so much fun!
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    Seaglass beach in Bermuda

    On Adventure of the Seas right now. In Bermuda yesterday. We walked 20 minutes to seaglass beach from the port. Although you may NOT remove the glass from the beach it was the most unique beach I have ever seen in my life. We are avid seaglass fanatics and it was so AMAZING.
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    Sushi making class - it was just ok. Nothing we'll do again. I recommend not doing this before lunch. You can eat what you make if you want - we didn't.
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    Soda Package Question

    For the soda package, everybody else in the cabin does not need to have it. I believe that rule only applies to the alcohol package where everyone in your cabin over age 21 needs to purchase it too.
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    Just returned from the same cruise (my first ever). Read your blog and obviously not the same as my days but sounds like we all had a good time. Doubt i will make diamond but i will book again im sure.
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    My first cruise

    It wasnt a dig its just a cultural thing. Its not common place in UK all the time. Certain occassions it is. Dont get me wrong im no tight $$$. There were many who queued on day 1 to cancel them completely. But i certainly didnt consider putting any more in envelopes on my last day
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    Cruise Planner - Cabana Prices

    Perfect Day prices are going to vary for any number of reasons. Check and see if there will be more than 1 ship there on the day that you are there. If so, the prices are going to be higher b/c demand will be higher. Also, the time of year will influence price. There could be so many reasons why the price is higher for a particular sailing/visit to CC.
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    Thanks for sharing your cruise with us @TravelerπŸ‘
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    West Coast Cruising

    Now that Cuba is off limits again, RC should move the Majesty to Cali to do the Mexican Riviera and the Empress to Philly or Baltimore to do Bermuda sailing into Hamilton and St. George instead of the touristy Navy Yard.
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    Small showers in staterooms!

    We have a Jr suite for the first time with a tub next cruise. Being 6'1" 260, maybe I don't have to alternate between showering the front and then the back, day to day. 🀣
  35. 2 points

    Small showers in staterooms!

    So two of us do that!
  36. 2 points

    Small showers in staterooms!

    But think about how much fun you can have pretending you're being beamed up by Scotty, and the shower water is the "snow" of the transporter effect! 😁
  37. 2 points
    This x1000. Thanks for another fun and enjoyable live blog! Loved all the photos, definitely have to get to the Med sometime in the next few years. Maybe when one of the girls graduates college...
  38. 2 points

    Lanyard or not?

    Lanyard believer; one that has additional slots for cash and other IDs. By our stateroom door, I place a magnetic hook/clip. When we enter, they get hung up. When departing, it is by the door. Also, it is a visual signal when my wife or I leave our seapass card in the slots. πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘
  39. 2 points
  40. 2 points
    That was an unexpected surprise ... I'm glad everyone has been enjoying the scopes. I'll post a listing of all my scopes here for future reference. Here's the little Periscoper of the Week announcement: https://www.periscope.tv/kcjarvis/1ypJdvrvdNLKW?fbclid=IwAR20tLBjYLh2FmzLcXxJ0ck_cn_CDcbRxIZCoW0cqdhQdIvTWiMJN-AFrJY
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  42. 2 points

    Emerald Level

    The real loyalty benefit is that you are closer to Diamond. Then you get some free drinks, more food (of course), and other services.
  43. 2 points

    Who plans the cruise?

    All me. Every cruise, vacation, everything. Hubby has no clue where we are going most times. He cannot keep track πŸ˜„
  44. 2 points

    Critique my First Day Plan, Please!

    Well. You guys were certainly right. At port car security at 10:35...about 5 cars deep. On the ship at 11:00. Dinner reservations for the week done by 11:15, including hibachi grill. Drink non hand and having lunch now!!!
  45. 2 points
    Happy Father's Day to everyone. I surprised my Husband by booking another cruise. Trying to get his credit card again. The next deployment schedule is coming up.
  46. 2 points
    Oops, just wanted wanted to add that the best thing we brought is our magnetic hooks! Hubby bought four magnetic hooks at Home Depot for $6. We have three people in our inside stateroom and there are not enough places to hang wet swimsuits, towels, etc. All of the walls are metal of course, so it works great for us! Also, there are only two outlets in the room to charge things, so plan accordingly!
  47. 2 points
    Nothing worse than an entitled frequent cruiser arguing with crew. Clearly this would never occur on a Royal ship as the crew member would have cowered at the sight of their pinnacle badge. "Don't you know who I am?"
  48. 2 points
    I’d assume that if he admitted to calling the guy β€œyou idiot” on tv than the truth is probably missing a word in between and more vulgar.
  49. 2 points
    He specifically stated, "I may have made a comment that said you better get more than a couple because I'm a big guy," That's essentially admitting to making a threatening suggestion to the worker & warrant removal from the ship. The Captain had little choice...Robert's own words got him removed; and, rightfully so...there's little civility anymore. I suspect either no reservation was made & the couple is lying; or, they didn't fully complete the process when making the reservation...leading to the reservation not being made or properly completed.
  50. 2 points

    Lanyard or not?

    What are these lanyards you speak of??
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