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  1. Or get you some water shoes that you can wear on the rides ... we are take chaco candles to wear hopefully they won't require those to be taken off
  2. So, it appears that the pricing is all over the place from around 80+/- to 175+/- depending on the ship or cruising date / time of year. I guess this is RCL's version of 'The Price is Right' or maybe it's the 'Wack a Wammy' game. Right now, for our Harmony May 31 cruise it is $131 for the 'Thrill Waterpakr - Full Day'. We are trying to decide if we want to pick it up. Here's a few questions that maybe everyone can help answer: 1) What the 'heck' does it all include, as the description is sorta vague. the pass doesn't state explicit details on what is included (does it include the balloon ride? does it include the zip line) I'm seeing the balloon / zip line as separate purchases on the planning, but there is not a 'Thrill Waterpark + Zip Line or whatever' 2) Has anyone purchased well in advance, but then got on board to see a ton of signs trying to 'sell' the same packages but at a little discount (or higher?) Basically, trying to decide if it's worth it to grab it now to make sure we have one to be able to enjoy the stuff or are there always the same 'package' you can buy once on board.
  3. The other thing to keep in mind is that you get certain benefits with the JS (like double CnA points, dinner at CK if available, etc).
  4. Opps was looking at the wrong week. Yeah, @WAAAYTOOO, @ellcee, @CGTLH looks like all the SC ones are gone. I would be jumping on this, if we weren't already trying to do a SC Alaska in June '21. Can't swing B2B SC with only 3 months in between. #DangKids lol These are all I see now.
  5. One day I'm hoping to be able to cruise with the RCBlog community on a GC (I'll have to ask my #Genie if @Lovetocruise2002 will be allowed back into the suites) haha
  6. Our kids had a blast at the sea plex, mainly hanging out with new found friends. Made for some *cough* adult casino time *cough*
  7. Will have to agree with you on this one ... We prefer the Oasis class much better. But, don't get me wrong - being on ANY ship is always a good thing - ha
  8. Ya know, I was really disappointed in the SC area when we went ... Think the SC area down in FTL was just a little better. Oh well - guess I should get to involved with it as we were only there maybe 10 minutes before Yen came and got us ?
  9. @SweetHomeLady, we stayed right across the Hudson at Hyatt Regency on the Hudson. This has a excellent view of the NY skyline. Plus, the PATH station is right next door. As @JLMoran said, it's a great way to get into the city. If you get a chance, around page 4 on my last blog link below, you an read through how we navigated NY. We didn't take an 'actual' tour of the statue - but went the 'free' route and rode the ferry and took pictures with our phones. Of course, if you want to take an actual tour to get a little close that would be pretty awesome as well.
  10. Take a read through the live blogs. There have been some great posts like Ovation goes north, by @twangster and Ovation to Alaska by @SpeedNoodles. ? if you go, try your hand at a blog especially if you do excursions. We are planning hitting up Alaska in '21 ... but aiming for end of May / June range possibly.
  11. Something else to keep in mind. We cruised recently out of Port Bayonne on Anthem and got to the port right around 9:30. It was already getting crowded, but that was because there were a lot of folks disembarking and folks showing up to embark. The later you arrive, the more traffic you might have to sit in ... which means some of the lines inside for security / check-in were on the long side.
  12. From what I heard, it was a man with appendicitis ... they evac'd him by hovering and dropping a basket, then pulled up his wife.
  13. We had a helicopter evac on the Anthem around June 14 ... but there were 2 helicopters and a c-130 flying around just in case something happened. we slowed way down, but couldn't come to a complete stop due to the seas.
  14. What's the widget you show? I have one just called countdown but it's not letting me display multiple countdowns like your snapshot ...
  15. I guess it's just for the iPhone ? I'm a Samsung Galaxy guy - lol
  16. @Andrew72681, what app is that you are using for that countdown snapshot?
  17. We had Alan on Oasis in 2017 and was amazing! (#wth was thinking with a freaking beard on a cruise ... )
  18. @SpeedNoodles - hope you have a great cruise. My dad just got off this one the last week in May and they seemed to enjoy it. Which is funny, cause they seem to like the older ships. I'm waiting on 2021 dates to come out for this cruise for our family to hit up ... interested to see your thoughts on the ship. Like @twangster said, enjoy the cruise and blog when you can. Just a thought, if you have a voice recorder on your phone - you could take 'voice' notes to remind yourself of stuff for blogging later .... ?
  19. I posted a lot of food pictures on my blog ?
  20. Just an FYI - I don't think there is a hibachi grill on Anthem - at least we never saw it.
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