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  1. If we just want to go to Magens Bay for the day, is the best way to get there just to grab a taxi from the port? 5 people. Is there a better way to do a beach day in St. Thomas?
  2. @Lzameryka Do you know who you booked your dolphin encounter through? We dropped the ball on booking excursions (other than CoCoCay), and when I finally looked this was sold out on the cruise planner (as I expected). Thinking my group might be interested if it's still available outside of Royal.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions, Annette. I will keep a note of them and may give that a try. It’s modtly for actually cooling him off, but think the white noise is a nice bonus!
  4. Thanks Matt! My husband has been binging your videos, so think he’s impressed now that I got a message back from THE Matt! She doesn’t yet have the rewards program, just wants to use the gift cards she got for her birthday, so hopefully we’ll be good to go. Even if they don’t have her type of frap, they may have one of the drinks she likes.
  5. Ray - I actually bought some magnet hooks, but hadn’t thought of this. Thank you! Thanks Bellemiche - she’s so excited to start each day with a Frap! (And I’ll be happy to give her her gift cards and let her go to town!)
  6. Thanks so much! Think I’ll go for a fan that doesn’t need to clip onto anything.
  7. Hi all. We are taking our first cruise next month (parents and 3 kids ages 14, 12 & 10) - we’ll be on the Oasis. We only signed up for that cruise in early June, so I’ve been trying to cram as much info in as I can with our very late start! I want to bring a battery-operated fan to use in our kids’ room at night. I saw some that can clip on but not sure if the headboard in the cabin has a place to clip the fan to. If it matters, we are in ocean view balcony rooms. The pics I saw make it look like the headboard is fully attached to the wall. Can we use a clip on fan? Or would a fan that just sits on a table be better? Also, my 10 year old is a big fan of Starbucks (cream based, not coffee) frappuccinos. Are these available on board, and if so, can she use Starbucks gift cards she got for her birthday? Sorry if these have already been answered. I tried searching and didn’t find my answer.
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