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  1. Ugh....I don’t like to do that either. THANKS EVERYBODY!
  2. Hi all! I’m hoping someone can answer a quick question for me. Sailing on Navigator in June. I’m interested in the Delixe Drink Package with VOOM for one device. In the Cruise Planner, there is conflicting info on whether or not both adults in my cabin will have to buy the combo package. I know if one of us has the Drink Package we both do, but we are only looking to have one Deluxe and VOOM combo, and one Delixe Drinks. (We don’t need two VOOMs,). Do we BOTH have to have the combo? THANKS!
  3. We are on that sailing as well with a large group! My daughter is dancing on the ship. We can’t wait (especially since the last few weeks have been so brutal weather-wise. We are in Michigan.)
  4. Can anyone tell me what the main theatre shows are on the Mariner 4-night Bahama cruise out of Miami is right now?
  5. Thank you! This is EXACTLY what 8 was looking for!
  6. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I’ve seen the menus tab, but those all seem to be for the specialty restaurants, unless I’m missing something. 😬. I’m looking to see what our choices will be while we are in the MAin Dining Room.
  7. Hi all! I have been actively reading all of the Cruise Compasses and know that the dinners in the MDR have themes. I’m really curious about what is actually on the menu for those dinners, and even an idea of what is available to breakfast and/or lunch in the MDR interests me. Does anyone have photos they’ve taken of the menus? Or some great recollection and is willing to give me some info? Thanks!
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