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  1. I’m not sure that you can buy a specific experience, but you can buy Royal Gift Certificates that get emailed, then the receiver “redeems” them and they turn into onboard credit, which could then be used for the Escape Room.
  2. Just for your future reference, if you have the deluxe beverage package, you can order a double or even a triple and that will solve your weak drink problem. On our cruise in June, there was someone in our party that ordered Bahama Mama, triple rum, every time with no issues. Also, although I was on Navigator, I did not notice drinks to be weak. In fact, for us it was the opposite.
  3. I’m guessing the prices are set based on a supply/demand algorithm. I don’t think there is anything more to it than that..
  4. Hello and welcome! This spot is a wealth of great information! in regard to your tipping question, I’d suggest you bring with you several singles, fives, and maybe a couple of tens. I’m not going to argue the philosophy or etiquette of gratuity as it can get contentious and that isn’t my intent here. But, if you are like many, you’ll want to have a few dollars available to quickly pass to the porters that handle your luggage. While you have prepaid the standard 18%, that is money divided up amongst the service staff, some of whom you don’t see. Right now, you may not be thinking
  5. It isn’t necessary at all to pay anything for a full day of activities and options on Coco Cay. Also, since you’ve already paid for food and beverages as part of your cruise fare and/or drink packages, it will save money as opposed to other ports where you’d need to pay excursion fees and for any meals or drinks.
  6. We had an Oasis Lagoon Cabana June 26th. (We were in #23). It DID have a lockable safe. I wish I would have taken more detailed photos of it, but I just wasn’t thinking at the time. Our attendant came frequently, as a matter of fact every time someone was actually in the cabana they got a visit. Lol! Anyway, there is a long couch, two chairs, a coffee table with open storage on one and and the lockable safe on the other end, the round cooler with ice and bottles of water, towels, the ceiling fan, outlets, and lounge chairs in front. The menu they bring to order from is the Snack Shack m
  7. We were on this sailing as well. (Part of the group of 189 with dancers from Michigan that performed on Thursday in the theatre.). We also had a blast and LOVED the amped Navigator and the renovated Coco Cay. It was a fabulous cruise! I just wanted to come and add because you mentioned the storm while at Coco Cay that it isn’t necessary to leave. As is typically the case in Florida and the Bahamas, the storm lasted a total of 10 minutes. We started walking back toward the ships (Majesty was there also as a reroute because of the sudden Cuba cancellations) and seeing the throng of p
  8. He has a Facebook page you can join. Cory Rogers Cruise Director. He has been posting daily from Navigator.
  9. We paid this for our Oasis Lagoon Cabana at the end of June. I’m only coming here to give a little update from the Oasis cabana photos earlier in the thread. There is a heavy wooden coffee table-like table with a storage cabinet and a lockable safe. We liked this for our phones and things while we were off in the pool. It was also a good place to set food while eating. (The attendant will bring you menus and serve.). Also, someone mentioned above the loud pool party with a DJ. While it is true that there is a DJ and it’s a party atmosphere, that is really only around the bar area. The
  10. This is exactly why I get frustrated when people talk of removing the daily gratuity and just tipping cash, “to the people that deserve it”.
  11. I could go on and on about what I loved and why I loved it, and post all kinds of pics, but I don’t want to drive people crazy. But I will say this, there is a relaxation option for every style. There are activities for every level. I love that I don’t have to spend any additional money for food or drink. It is immaculate. There is no one begging for you to buy their goods, use their taxi, take their tour, etc. And frankly, it’s just beautiful. If you like more details or photos, let me know.
  12. Yes, you can! (Purchase same day on the island). We had a cabana at Oasis Lagoon, too.
  13. It was a CocoLoco. It’s the drink of the day on the island, and is “Royal’s Drink”. Word is it’s the same as a Labadoozy, but I haven’t been to Labadee soo can’t confirm. (Next summer!)
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