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  1. Yes, they did. My son is 13 and ate just as much as the adults. My daughter was a little different story, she ordered off the kids menu at Wonderland and Jamie's, but she does like sushi (only avocado rolls). Actually, she said her dinner at Wonderland (fried mac & cheese and fries) were the best meal she's ever had! Nonetheless, probably didn't get the full $99 I paid for her for the specialty dining, but it was still worth it. I think the rest of us made up for it! Wonderland was AMAZING! It was like a dinner and a show wrapped into one. They bring you SO much stuff in several c
  2. We just went for a late afternoon snack. I got a Frog Grog during happy hour (which was a rum swizzle) and we got an order of onion rings (which were very good!) and the rest got some soft drinks. I like how they have a game room in the back for the kids. Try to get a table near the gigantic fireplace, where I guess they used as the forge for the barrel making.
  3. I was unable to book dining reservations ahead of time on the RCL website. I could only book the first one. Also, the website did not allow to book iFly or Flowrider.
  4. Hello All, we just got back from a 5-day Bermuda cruise on the Anthem of the Seas and I wanted to share my "lessons learned" as a "pay it forward" for all the great forum members who provided advice to me for several questions I posted. We are a 4 person family (42M, 39F, 13M, and 10F) and we had 2 balcony rooms booked on Deck 13 forward. I hope I can help some newbie cruisers with the info below! 1. Do Show Up Early on Embarkation Day: Our ship was schedule to leave from Bayonne, NJ cruise port at 4:30pm. Coming from NH, we drove to Danbury, CT the night before and stayed at a hotel (
  5. What should we do for towels for Horseshoe Beach? Can we bring towels from the ship, or do we need to pack our own?
  6. Thanks again for all the great feedback! Question on the ala carte specialty dining. All 4 of us have 4 nights of specialty dining and we love sushi and are definitely going to Izumi. So I understand we each get a $35/pp credit... so a total of $140 for the family. I assume RCL doesn't care if my daughter eats $15 of sushi and the rest of eat $40 of sushi each? Also, I got the Deluxe beverage pkg. Not that I expect to down drinks every 5 mins (at least not without forgetting my cruise completely), but is there a limit to how many drinks you can get in a certain time period? For
  7. Thanks for all the great replies, a few questions: We chose the earliest check-in time available (12:30pm), if we show up to the terminal when they open (10:30am) is there a good chance we can get on earlier than 12:30pm? What's the quickest way to choose/change your specialty dining reservations once onboard? Where can I find a list of the specialty dining restaurants ACTUALLY available on the Anthem? When I visit the RCL wesbite, it seems to show me ALL specialty dining spots across all ships. The RCL app that was recommended when I checked in on RCL.com says that its not sup
  8. Thanks @tiny260 ! Is Windjammers the "24/7 cafeteria"? If so, do they offer soft drinks (water, iced tea, lemonade) or coffee? Is Cafe 270 the same?
  9. Thanks @JLMoran and @AnnetteJackson!!!
  10. Hi All, My family and I (2 adults, 2 kids: 10 and 13 years old) are setting sail on the Anthem of the Seas on 8/10 heading to Bermuda. This is our first family cruise. My wife and I took a short Carnival Cruise 6 years ago, but we are very new to cruising....and especially RCL. We have watched tons of youtube videos about the ship and understand most of the amenities/entertainment, but I wanted to get some "insider" tips/info from users of this forum that might help us! We did purchase 3 specialty dining meals (plus 1 free from our cruise travel agent) and we plan to go to
  11. Hi @JLMoran, Thanks for the info and the video! Do the $7/pp shuttles only take cash? Do you pay for roundtrip at the pier or pay separately for each way? Thanks for the recommendation on going on Day 2. We are definitely going to follow that advice! I assume the Rum Bum Beach bar serves food?
  12. Hi Annette, how many of you for $35 one way?
  13. Hi LTC2002, my kids do have Apple Devices, but they are iPods (no cell service). We do use iMessage to communicate when they are on wi-fi.
  14. Hi All, My family and I (2 adults, 2 kids) are going on the Anthem next week to Bermuda. We have never been, but I know the popular beach attraction is Horseshoe Beach. RCL offers an excursion to the beach, which is just roundtrip transportation and 3 hours at the beach for $37/pp. A colleague who has been to Bermuda via a cruise said they took a taxi for WAY less. Can anyone recommend the best way to get to the beach while still being "safe"? I'd prefer not to shell out $148 just for transportation to/from the beach.
  15. Thanks to all who responded. Per this RCL page: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/royaliq it looks like this is available on Anthem and Ovation. I'm sailing on the Anthem, so I'm gonna have my kids download it. Thanks!
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