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  1. It also has very limited use. Cannot use passport card for air travel, for example.
  2. Make sure you take cash and I agree, eat them same day so the shell still has some crunch! My favorite is the chocolate mousse cannoli as the filling isn’t as rich. But I guess that isn’t a real cannoli. 😂
  3. We stayed at the HI Express on 17th this summer and were very pleased. Nice rooms, plenty of places to eat across the street and an easy/cheap uber fare to the port... though there is also a shuttle available, for a fee.
  4. What about flying back on Monday? I just checked JetBlue and the price drops $450/pp if you fly home on Monday 3/30 instead of Sunday. Their timetable stinks, but that price differential may be indicative of what you could see on other airlines. I would also be open to booking different airlines to/from. Flying to SJU over spring break hurts, period. Even with my husband’s crewmember discount for positive space seats, we paid close to $700/pp to fly down there for spring break 2017 cruise.
  5. My husband overnights at the Sheraton Old San Juan and has been happy there.
  6. Editing again - I think $499 is a heck of a deal for a Thrill Waterpark cabana. Depending on size of group and price of day passes, you could make money on the deal and have the added perks. Sadly, those cabanas are still $999 for my dec 2020 Anthem and all others are $1299.
  7. SWA only has its calendar open to 3/6, so your booking window may only be about 90 days by the time dates are extended. That said, my general rule is to book ASAP, even on SWA, especially during high season travel times. I currently have tickets booked for later this month, October break, Thanksgiving, early January and Spring Break - mix of JB, AA, SWA and Delta. Fares have only gone up since I booked.
  8. Did you actively choose the refundable deposit? Bookings default to non-refundable so that deposit ‘could’ be applied to another cruise, less a $100/pp rebooking fee.
  9. My bestie and I cruised back in July, booked in May 2018. We didn’t provide our passport info to RC until we completed our online docs which weren’t available until April 2019. I’ve never done Air2Sea, but when flying internationally, I’ve just input our passport info when checking in for our flights.
  10. It’s in my planner for my Dec 2020 cruise.
  11. Call Royal Caribbean directly and see if they can switch you - that’s what I did when I wanted to switch from MTD to late. Easy peasy. 🙂
  12. Michelle - I just sent you an email about transferring a cruise. 🙂
  13. I meant my girlfriend is more extroverted than I am, lol. She even managed to find the only single, age-appropriate, straight man on the boat. 😉 But my dining partner for that meal was 6 drinks and post nap #1 into the day at 12:30pm, so it was certainly an interesting meal.
  14. Were you traveling solo? I cruised last month with my best friend (I am married, she is not) so it certainly wasn’t a ‘family’ or ‘couples’ cruise for us. Just hitting the pools and going to the bars - neither of us are heavy drinkers - we met plenty of people. I even went to lunch solo in MDR when we were at sea and opted to be seated with another solo diner... just to have someone to talk to. But we’re both fairly extroverted people (she much more than I). Any vacation is going to be what you make of it. Sorry you didn’t have a good time.
  15. Did your kids do the specialty dining with you? My husband won’t be able to go, but my boys and I will be going on a holiday cruise in 2020. They’ll be 12/14 and while they’ve certainly been exposed to a lot of different foods at all the price ranges, I’m not sure if Wonderland is something worth the money (it’s the only specialty we’d do - all of us have enjoyed MDR well enough in the past to stick with it).
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