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  1. I’m going to be there NYE on Anthem, and it appears so will Navigator and Mariner. Good thing I already bought passes for the beach club, lol.
  2. I don’t know what you initially booked, but it certainly does not sound like it was a shopping trip! Sounds like a completely different excursion. Edited to add - I would go to the cruise planner and see if this ‘new’ excursion is listed and check the description to verify.
  3. Just remember that there are cameras *everywhere*... 😉 (not including your stateroom, of course)
  4. And you confirmed with your friends that they did not submit (and subsequently win) a Royal Up bid? While I can’t say for sure, outside of the Royal Up program, why you were snubbed but your initial post certainly does not exhibit happiness for your friends. You were/are clearly upset that you were ‘passed over’ for a cabin you feel you are entitled to. To answer your question... I joined C&A because I think a number was assigned to me when I booked my first cruise.
  5. It honestly depends on the child. My 13-yr-old was talking in complete sentences, rivaling some kindergarteners, by the time he was 18 mo old. My 11-yr-old barely spoke before the age of 3... probably because his big brother wouldn’t let him get a word in. 😉 I still highly doubt Chloe asked to be put on a railing (whether in words or gestures) that was 2’ over her head. Unless it was common practice for her grandpa, or other family members, to put her on railings... where children have no business sitting, regardless of time or place. And GMAFB with sleazeball Winkleman saying that since there were no signs prohibiting sitting on the railing, then people will assume they’re meant to be sat on.
  6. We cruised on Adventure in 2017 and booked this onboard for our whole family. Had to cancel, though, because we were told that shorts were not allowed and neither my kids nor I had long pants on board.
  7. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=754098988428111&id=163113404640097
  8. I saw the video. The whole family is a bunch of money-grabbing lying liars who lie.
  9. You got your sea legs! I’ve found my first day post-cruise to be the worst... it’s typically gone by 48 hours. Best thing o found to deal with it was not to sit and stare at small screens - tv, computer, etc. I don’t mean that to be tongue and cheek - I used to work in a cubicle and actually had to go home because I was getting nauseated trying to sit and my desk and work.
  10. Every bag/person gets screened. Not complying will get you the fun experience of additional screening. 😉 If you haven’t already, be sure to read up this site... https://www.dhs.gov/how-do-i/learn-what-i-can-bring-plane
  11. Make sure you follow the liquids rule for bags you carryon and have to get screened by TSA. If you’ve got slip-on shoes, wear those while flying.
  12. The man is 51.... less than 10 years older than me and, I’m guessing, younger than many on this board. I absolutely do not consider 51 to be “elderly” or incapable of taking care of children, unless there are other mental or physiological conditions at play..
  13. Yep, I even quoted the song in a college English paper... back in the 90’s.
  14. You’re forgetting the 40-min trek through a glorified 3rd world country war zone just to get to the ride share pickup area.
  15. Kudos to you all driving your EV’s long distances to reach port. I will happily take my gas-guzzling SUV and leave our other vehicle snug and warm in our garage at home. 🙂 But if I did choose to go that route, I’d probably find the closest supercharger and top off the battery prior to the cruise and head there immediately after, before heading home. Seems to me, keeping your car plugged in for several days at a public location is not only risky (Sentry mode will only record who did what to your car, it won’t stop them from doing it) but not much different than the behavior of the chair hogs so many people complain about...
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