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  1. Not one Coco Cay item on my Dec 2020 cruise has been discounted. Based on this, and what others are saying, I don’t think you’re missing out on any deals. 😊
  2. Uh oh, that doesn’t sound good. I haven’t purchased jewelry on board a ship.... did you receive any sort of paperwork stating size/quality/authenticity of what you purchased (I’m only assuming the issue relates to something along those lines).
  3. I’m really sensitive to smoke and I had no issues in Schooner Bar.... but we also always sat either at the bar or at the end by the piano. I was on a girls trip with my bestie and Schooner was our favorite place on the ship, especially right before dinner and then into the night. 🙂
  4. If you have global entry, make sure you take your card. They don’t have the kiosks (at least not when I was there in July), but when we flashed our cards with the CBP officer we were able to go to the front of the line.
  5. Looking forward to reading this. My sons (will be 12/14) and I will be on Anthem next Dec while my husband stays back and works, lol. Did your 8pm dining create any conflicts with evening entertainment? We’re currently traditional with late seating and this is my one big concern and therefore have been toying with getting unlimited dining to offer a bit more flexibility (I’m not a MTD person... if I’m going to eat in the dining room, it’s going to be old school).
  6. I agree, you should be given the option to cancel without penalty. Has this been offered?
  7. My bestie and I stayed at the Holiday Inn on 17th this summer. Very nice, comfortable room and restaurants directly across the street with others within reasonable walking distance (I think my husband is put up at the Hyatt when he overnights in FLL and I know he walks to lunch/dinner).
  8. I’ve got high status with IHG and when my kids and I went to Boston for fall break last year we stayed at the Kimpton Nine Zero. Fantastic location (provided you don’t care about being close to the port, lol) on the Freedom Trail, adjacent to Boston Common. Samuel Adams’ gravesite was literally across the street from our entrance. Lots of character and within walking distance of sooo much. And what we didn’t walk to, we just rode the T.
  9. I received mine on Mother’s Day (sorry, don’t remember date) for a July 3 cruise.
  10. I fully believe the attorney trolled the family’s social media accounts, found that picture, and concocted the story before ever meeting with them. They latched on to that theory because it was the only one that ‘made sense’ in their grief-stricken minds.
  11. I don’t understand the issue with it only being a lap belt? At 14 months, I’m assuming this would still be a rear-facing car seat... we didn’t use our tether strap until the seats were flipped, so up until that point, lap belt was the only way to secure. Or has having my youngest child be 11 put me that much out of the loop with regards to child restraints?
  12. It also has very limited use. Cannot use passport card for air travel, for example.
  13. Make sure you take cash and I agree, eat them same day so the shell still has some crunch! My favorite is the chocolate mousse cannoli as the filling isn’t as rich. But I guess that isn’t a real cannoli. 😂
  14. We stayed at the HI Express on 17th this summer and were very pleased. Nice rooms, plenty of places to eat across the street and an easy/cheap uber fare to the port... though there is also a shuttle available, for a fee.
  15. What about flying back on Monday? I just checked JetBlue and the price drops $450/pp if you fly home on Monday 3/30 instead of Sunday. Their timetable stinks, but that price differential may be indicative of what you could see on other airlines. I would also be open to booking different airlines to/from. Flying to SJU over spring break hurts, period. Even with my husband’s crewmember discount for positive space seats, we paid close to $700/pp to fly down there for spring break 2017 cruise.
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