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  1. I saw the 8 night for 10/30/21, alas that won't work, interferes with my kids sports schedule. So 11/28/21 it will likely be to get between the Fall and Winter sports schedules. Shame its a 7 day next year instead of an 8 day, but will still be fun. Was also looking at some Oasis dates going out of Cape Liberty in June, tempting, however a quite a bit more pricey. Is there anyone with impressions of Oasis vs. Anthem? I know Oasis is a much bigger ship, but size isn't always everything in terms of having an enjoyable cruise experience..
  2. I actually have one more question. Since I canceled the cruise, does this automatically cancel the packages I bought (like Deluxe Beverage and Cabana at Coco Cay) that were tied with the cruise, or do I have to manually request their cancellation on the planner website?
  3. So after reading an article on this website talking about possibilities of various cruises (including Anthem) possibly starting to sail in November, I decided to cancel now before having to pay the balance and taking the credit for my down payment, as I have every intention of cruising with them in 2021 (most likely one of the seen night November Anthem cruises a year later, I wish it was 8 nights like they were this year, but alas it wasn't meant to be), when hopefully things are a little more calm with the virus. Just have to wait (I guess up to 30 days) for the credit "certificate" to arri
  4. I actually don't think lift and shift is an option for us, as our cruise is 8 nights and the majority of Anthem cruises in 2021 (including the cruises in November 2021) are actually 7 night cruises instead. The same ports of call, just one less day at sea. But to my understanding, the itinerary must be identical in order to lift and shift. They had an 8 night cruise in February 2021 we could probably shift to, but I don't think that's out enough for the COVID situation to really change much with cruising and I'd probably be in the exact same position just three months later...
  5. Hi gang, I have been booked since January for Anthem of the Sea's sailing out of Cape Liberty NJ the Sunday after Thanksgiving. This would be our first time with RCL. Obviously, with everything going on, its VERY questionable whether the ship will cruise. I know all cruises through October are basically canceled, but most pressing for me, the final payment is due 8/31 and I need to decide what we are going to do, and I'm kind of just looking for some opinions from more seasoned RCL people on this. We as a family have mostly conceded that we aren't going on this cruise in November
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