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  1. I'm wondering the same thing! I also have a March 2023 cruise... (Navigator, Ensenada tho). I'm so excited to plan I check the cruise planner daily to see whats been added ☺ lol Definitely jumping on the dining package as soon as it's available
  2. Wow! Seriously? Wellllll that's awesome! Thank you so much!
  3. Hi all, New member here and new to Royal Caribbean as well. I'll be going on a group cruise next March on Navigator of the Seas. I wanted to do the UDP and take advantage of it every night. The group decided that they're going to do an early dining time... My thoughts are, what if I met them in the MDR and joined them at 5:30 for maybe an appetizer and a drink just to spend some time socializing with them and then had whatever the latest dining reservation I could make (hopefully 8:30 -9?) or if this would be really difficult or disrespectful towards the MDR staff or anything? Does anyone know typically what the latest reservation time is at most specialty restaurants? Also, with the credit of $20 or whatever it happens to be at Playmakers and Johnny Rockets. Say I stopped in for something small and didn't use the whole $20, would the balance be available to use if I came back later? Or does the credit have to be used all at one time? Thanks for any suggestions or info you can provide
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