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  1. @WannaCruise whoops - that should have read Dec. 26, 2021. Got mixed up going January to December since it's the same calendar year still.
  2. Has anyone had any luck getting exempted from the holiday blackout on Lift and Shift? Trying to move a Jan. 2, 2021 booking to Dec. 26th, 2022. Not trying to game the system or anything . Our same itinerary is only available on either Dec. 26th, or Jan. 9th. I have limited time off, so trying to work it so I still fly out on a stat holiday. RCL doesn't seem to be willing to budge though...wondering if anyone else has had more luck?
  3. Does anyone know how much the bulk candy costs (per oz/lb I am assuming?) on Symphony? Haven't been able to find it anywhere
  4. Thanks all - definitely regretting not using a TA. Will keep you all updated - pretty frustrated for sure
  5. Hey all, Bit of a frustrating situation with Royal Caribbean, hoping someone here can help and also looking to see if anyone else was affected. Details: On November 1st, I booked a 7-night cruise for my wife and I. Nov. 21, 2020 Symphony of the Seas. Total cost (with taxes + grats): $1254.08 CDN $530 deposit paid. Base fare was $299/person Now, this seemed like a very good deal, and possibly a price mistake, but not completely unreasonable - there are some 6/7 night itineraries within the ballpark. So I booked, direct via RCL website. I didn't hear anything for a
  6. @Suzanne Did the call ever come in? Received a similar email for my June 30 sailing, wondering how much I need to curb my expectations.
  7. Hey! Getting ready for my first cruise on the Harmony. Does anyone have pictures of menus for breakfast or lunch in the main dining room? I've seen lots of dinner ones, but never any other meals. Mostly just curious. Thanks!
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