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  1. That is great advice! You live and learn, next time we will just hang out under cover.
  2. Have a great time!! Let us know how it was. Keep reading this blog. @Matt does an amazing job here.
  3. We book our first cruise through RC, talking on the phone for over an hour and a half, this was our first time so we had a lot of questions. I am curious, for our next cruise, can we get a better deal going through a travel agent or can we do just as good booking it through the web site? Thanks! Ralph
  4. This was our first time, so I have nothing to compare, but this ship was amazing! We loved it!
  5. We had an amazing time! I am hooked on cruising for sure and I am going to start planning my next one soon! Here are some observations about the week. We got our passports before the trip and pre-registered through the app. That was a huge timesaver getting on and off the ship. We got to the dock by 10:30 and we were on the ship by 11. When we left, we left the ship by 8:45, got our luggage and were outside by 9:00am. *We had two bags and I tipped the porter $5. I was so obsessed with the actual cruise days; I didn’t plan our departure day at all. We had late flights so we got to know the Miami airport really well!! Our flight didn’t leave unit 8:30pm. Live and learn! We did bring magnets, a power strip and I got luggage tags thanks to this blog. It was great advice, we used them all. We ate all our meals in the Windjammer and the main dining room. All meals were just fine. The food is actually really good. We also bought the deluxe drink package, and it paid for itself! :) We got to know our assistant waiter, Komang, very well, by the end of the first night; he knew our names and what we drink. The waiter was very nice also, but we connected more with Komang. *We tipped them both $5 a night. We did NOT see either of the two shows on the ship because the other things we wanted to do were at the same time. We did a lot of game shows and other fun stuff. Anything Silvia from Slovakia ran, we loved! Also, Piano Entertainment with David was THE BEST! He is so talented, and we happened to have a great crowd. He played for 5 hours straight one night! Loved him! We did have a BIG storm while we were on Coco Cay. Trying to get on the ship with 1,000 other people in a downpour with lightening around us was an experience. But, you can’t control the weather, right? Hooked on cruising for sure!! Washy Washy!!
  6. We have had an amazing time!! We are so hooked on cruising, I’m ready to plan our next cruise!! Washy Washy!!
  7. Thank you again @Matt! Your information here and you videos were invaluable! So far this ship is amazing and our first day has been great!!
  8. We are beyond excited! I think I read this blog every day for the last two months! Thanks @Matt !! The information here is priceless and the people are amazing! Tomorrow we board the Navigator of the Seas!! As Bart Scott said years ago... “Can’t Wait!!”
  9. Thanks @Matt ! It's the one thing we were worried about.
  10. We will be on the same cruise and also be searching for shade!
  11. Oh well, it was exciting while it lasted. I wanted a beach lounger when we book our cruise but I waited to long to get them. Then a few weeks ago they became available. We were excited because we just want to relax at Coco Cay. Today I get an email saying they canceled them "due to construction". Oh well, we just have to role with the punches! 4 more days and we will be on our FIRST CRUISE!
  12. We can't wait to just relax! This is our first time cruising, and we were not interested in the water park.
  13. Just a heads up, we are going out on the 24th on the Navigator and at one point the beach loungers were "sold out". I just checked again last night and I was able to grab one. So, keep checking!
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