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  1. Sounds like the older gentleman was in the wrong to me
  2. You can DM them on twitter and they can take care of it. I’ve made lots of changes that way.
  3. I've worn flip flops and water shoes in there plenty of times
  4. We did some kind of beach snorkel thing that included an open bar. I took advantage of said bar.
  5. We did the Talum and beach break and it was amazing. Our guide was very detailed and awesome. There was some on your own time but vast majority was with guide. It was also 8 hours and we were the last group back to the ship but never felt concerned they’d leave with a tour group.
  6. The envelope can be used to designate an extra tip to anyone you’ve encountered along the way. It’s a standard process that they leave an envelope in every room. I prefer to hand deliver anything extra I give directly to the person
  7. I haven’t yet but my husband and I are doing it in on the September 22nd Harmony sailing
  8. I’ve only ever not received one once and I think that’s because we were in the room during the normal turn down time when they do the animals and the attendant had to come back while we were at our show. On a side note, i requested a dinosaur and was not disappointed
  9. I like to walk the entire length of the ship, a couple of times, and just take it all in. Then windjammer
  10. I think we decided Solarium Bistro for embarkation day lunch.
  11. We are doing the voluntourism hike . Get some exercise, feel good about doing some good, see some pretty sights.
  12. Got the refreshment package this time. What are people’s must haves? And .... go
  13. I feel lanyards are necessary for 100% tourist mode
  14. Lol me. I just tell my husband when it is and eventually how much money I spent
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