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  1. Great suggestion, thank you! I don't want anyone to try to pick it up for me, I would just like to know if it's been found. I figured it would take awhile to go through the different departments, that's why I wish someone onboard could ask. Thank you so much for the ray of hope though, that does make me feel better!!!
  2. If so, would you be up for doing me a big favor, please? I disembarked on Oct 16 and left behind something very important to me in my stateroom. I’ve filed a lost item report, but I would be so appreciative if someone could check with Guest Services to see if it was found.
  3. Looking forward to following along too! Can't wait to hear about your Royal Up experience, maybe you'll hear something today??!?
  4. Yes, this. It was still there back in July, but not open. Most things opened at 11:00 am or later in Nassau, but we never saw the Straw Market open during our visit this year.
  5. I saw his post on Instagram and was hoping I understood him correctly!! Flight is my favorite!
  6. How do you handle the sales pitch at the end of the massage? That just ruins it for us. It was easier on Disney Cruises to tell the Spa up front that we didn't want a sales pitch at the end. But RC is a little more determined. Did you find the therapists pushy at the end with the products, or do you have a way to turn them down quickly?
  7. Allure bookings for the Med next year are already closed. So it definitely looks like the Wonder will be taking her place!
  8. You're making me so hungry, but I love the pics and review - Thank You!! Questions for you, please: Are the "Formal" (aka dress your best) nights on the Eastern cruise still on the 2nd and 6th night? Has "Love & Marriage" or the "Belly Flop Contest" made any appearances in the Cruise Compass?
  9. Oh and a question for you, please: if you happen to go into Playmakers today, could you tell me if they're showing any college football games? I'm wondering what channels they're able to televise in Playmakers?
  10. Enjoying your pictures and blog so much! Can't wait to hear about the Eastern Caribbean cruise and your Star Class experience. Thank you for taking us along!!
  11. Eeeeee, so excited to follow along! Please post the entertainment schedule as soon as you can. Bon Voyage and can’t wait to hear more about your cruise!!
  12. I'm bumping this question back to the first page because I'm wondering about it too. We normally just catch a taxi to a beach, but we've never done the Skyride in St Thomas and it's not a bad price for an excursion. I'd just like to know how long you get to spend at Meagan's Bay and if you're given transportation from the Skyride back closer to the ship? Thanks to anyone who might can shed some light on this excursion!
  13. To add a few things not mentioned yet: Ziplock Bags (for sandwiches to take on excursions, or to put items in to keep dry at the beach) soft sided cooler (for taking a picnic on an excursion) binoculars beach bag with sunscreen this time I'm adding KN95 colored face masks to wear when I have to wear a mask . . .
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