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  1. We are going in July. There are a total of 25 shore excursions in Rome. 3 of those fit what you might be looking for. Express train is $89, bus transportation from port to St Peters Square is $66 and transportation from port to Hop on Hop off bus is $119 we are doing a pricey excursion as there are 17 of us and I have been before where there can be long que lines we want to avoid.
  2. Going on WOS from Barcelona in July. 2 questions. When check in becomes available how soon do we need to check in to get an early boarding slot (like for noon)? Are US $$$ acceptable for tipping both on ship and shore excursions OR do we need euros? Thx in advance for any help with these questions.
  3. I am very new to this site. First time RC cruiser. WOS from Barcelona in July. Can someone explain how and where to get affordable required test in time to meet protocol when traveling from US the day before sailing (departing on Fri cruise embarkation Sun)? So far my research shows an unbelievable price at airports ( $250/person) There are 17 of us traveling with 2 children unvaccinated (children require a 24 hr test if I understand correctly)?
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