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On 5/18/2020 at 10:41 AM, Zambia-Zaire said:

A number of people with influence are waking to the thought that the numbers really does not justify continuing these lockdown policies; yet alone, the shutdown of the Global Economy. More & more are speaking against lockdown measures & no doubt, a growing number of regular everyday citizens have as well.

the numbers? guess you have a different value on the lives pf people obviously not important to you. THese numbers are after a massive lockdown everywhere imagine the results otherwise. The numbers for seasonal flu for some reason has dropped dramatically too. 

How can cruising go ahead until there is virtually no cases or a vacine. One person brings it on board and here we go again.


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Here is a speculative musing: What if Royal Caribbean is not only delivering current crew to various places throughout the world, but they are also picking up NEW crew who have already been quara

YIPPEE !!!!!  We are only 1 August Symphony.  HOPE it goes.

If they start Aug 1 but decide not to have my Aug 2 Summit sailing go, I'm not sure if I'll laugh or cry or scream in rage. Maybe all of the above as I go through the five stages.

The numbers actually don't support the massive lockdown. We will never have no cases so that is not  reasonable endpoint unless you support a permanent lockdown. Even with a vaccine,  there will never be zero cases. Next year when the flu comes back, does the country go on lock down again? They won't be able to just keep printing money so all the people who don't feel safe can stay home. Just as with the flu, there will be tens of thousands of deaths every year. There always have been and there always will be until they find a cure, if ever. The main problem is this has become political and over sensationalized. If enough people lose their jobs, people go bankrupt, and the government can no longer pay out welfare and social security, then I'm sure we'll see a solution. 

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I, like many others found the initial models taking into account mitigation (lockdowns) were many times higher in actual deaths than the reality. We can all be thankful for that, but when people started calling accuracy and disproportional response into question, they get vilified. They ask, why are the healthy quarantined especially considering 99+% survivability with the vast majority never noticing a symptom. At some point, I believe people are going to stop acting out of fear and more out of acceptance, and more out of good hygiene and consideration for those at risk at the same time the economy isn't destroyed leading to more problems. It's a giant game of whack-a-mole.

Will there ever be sailings again? Maybe? I hope so...otherwise my current bookings are nothing more than a bank account right now. If the risk to live life isn't taken again due to fear, then, I guess we have to live what we accept. I'm not willing to accept this much longer, although I am thankful that the area where I live has been opening up a lot the last 2-3 weeks and things are starting to flow again.

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I don't think the world needs to continue to be in lock down. My issue is the justifications; most of the people who opposes the lock down, never followed protocol at all. They said  "well the survival rate is high, so if I get it ..oh well. I can't close my factory/barbershop/restaurant, etc or it has been close 2 or 3 weeks and now I am financially ruined. This virus is fake news, its political....My freedom......" The initial lock-down was to flatten the curve, to get a protocol to understand how, what, when, where and why. It was never intended to be permanent but given how fast it affected the entire world, things needed to happen. It was never about getting zero cases, just to get it manageable for hospital staffs. The flu killed like 50 million people in the 1+year(s) it lasted; vaccine took 20 years and even now a hundred years later, it still kills an unfortunate amount of people

I love that people seem to believe that people are good, that they will do what needs to be done...in spite of all the contrary evidence. I think the bigger picture is how ill equipped we are as a nation.The average American cannot last 90 days without income, cannot survive 30 days without nonessential services, and could not last 60 days of social distancing. For all the money a business can make, they are always an inch from bankruptcy. Disney just opened and annual pass holders wanted to protest their mask policy. We know this virus spreads by air, from droplets, we don't know if those who had it have immunity. So if you want the country to open up so fast you have to make concessions. I can't wait to cruise...but I want to enjoy my cruise. So I will be patient because I want it right and not fast.

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