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  1. KBugNC


    How long are the rides? The secret River does look amazing!
  2. It seems that so many of the excursions for the underground rivers, caves and cenote visits are 8 around hours. Is this because they are so far away from the cruise port? They look really neat but I don't want to spend a lot of time on a bus to get there and back.
  3. Ha! Not a native....that explains it. I agree about the mustard sauce....yuck.
  4. As a fellow North Carolinian, you should agree that there are parts of pork just seem better crispy....bacon, pork rinds. Dip pork rinds in pimento cheese and you have a good snack!
  5. We were set to sail July 25th for my daughter's birthday. Just missed the cutoff. But yay for a credit to be used for a NYE cruise.
  6. We did Ovation last September and it was an amazing ship. We were on the port side and had great views.
  7. I am due to board the Independence July 25th. Fingers crossed!
  8. Still going but we are not going until the end of July. I hope it will all be settled by then.
  9. "these windows are giving me insomnia!" I'm loving this post! Do you have a blog or vlog? If not....you need one. Can't wait to read the rest.
  10. We do The Key package and you get a Chops lunch in the main dining room. I love not having to be with all of the crowds in WJ.
  11. We did a 7 day in September of last year, the last cruise to go out that season. It was great! We loved Ovation! We did a combo of gold panning, sled dog visit and 40 below in Skagway. The Mendenhall Glacier lake canoeing was AMAZING! We hired a charter fishing boat in Victoria to go salmon fishing.
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