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  1. "these windows are giving me insomnia!" I'm loving this post! Do you have a blog or vlog? If not....you need one. Can't wait to read the rest.
  2. We do The Key package and you get a Chops lunch in the main dining room. I love not having to be with all of the crowds in WJ.
  3. We did a 7 day in September of last year, the last cruise to go out that season. It was great! We loved Ovation! We did a combo of gold panning, sled dog visit and 40 below in Skagway. The Mendenhall Glacier lake canoeing was AMAZING! We hired a charter fishing boat in Victoria to go salmon fishing.
  4. I have found that crewcenter.com is way different from cruisemapper.com. I have seen both linked here.
  5. It was not too bad on the beach but we did have a 45 minute wait for Daredevil's Peak, the big waterslide. We never felt crowded. Have fun and get a Coco Loco drink!!! My 13 year old daughter got the virgin one and loved it.
  6. Has anyone been at Coco Cay with only one ship docked? I was there with two ships, Mariner and Navigator, and it was not too bad. I can imagine 3-4 ships would be awful. When I booked that cruise, the Mariner and Navigator were leaving different ports and had opposite schedules according to the itinerary. One was going to Coco Cay first and Nassau second. The other ship was Nassau first and Coco Cay second. It turned out that both ships were in Coco Cay and Nassau on the same days. I see lots of days on the Coco Cay schedule with only one ship but with my past experience, I'm not convinced that it can happen. Can anyone confirm if this unicorn exists? Thanks! 🙂
  7. I see that on June 30th, 4 ships will be there. Marking that week off of my calendar.
  8. It looks like Blue Lagoon is HUGE with lots of beaches and activities to pick from. What are some of you favorites and must do's or dont's?
  9. RC offers three for our short 3 day cruise. Which has been your favorite excursion? Seahorse Snorkeling and Sailing Rainbow Reef Snorkeling Adventure Yacht Turtle and Reef Snorkeling Thanks!
  10. The little "pop up" escape room you will need to book as soon as you get on board. The ships with actual rooms like The Observatorium can be prebooked.
  11. Book it AS SOON as you get on the ship. We tried to book it day 2 and it was full for all 6 days.
  12. We were on Ovation in September and we were able to "go to the front of the line' for the bumper cars. We did get to go ahead of people but there was a line just for Key members. They did have "just for Key" times for other activities. We were not able to use the Key for roller skating to go to the front of the line.
  13. When I booked this cruise, I could choose from Navigator or Mariner. One went to Coco Cay first then to the Bahamas. The other went to the Bahamas first and then onto Coco Cay. I thought I picked the one that is going to Coco Cay first but it looks like they changed it. It also looks, from the docking schedule that someone linked, like both ships will be docked at Coco Cay on the same day. Not a big deal but I'm just wondering if they changed the Mariner's schedule. Anyone here going on either of these cruises that can shed some light on this? I also want to book The Observatiorium so I need to know where we will be each day for that.
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