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  1. Very excited to keep reading as we will be on this cruise in August. Also with the key so really looking forward to this. Also one comment on Grease, I believe it is based of off the Broadway show which is definitely more adult than the movie.
  2. We will be going in August. Our plan: my husband is doing the waterpark in the morning and we have also rented a beach bed. He will head to the waterpark first thing. I will leisurely wake up and make my way to the beach bed and enjoy peaceful alone time until he joins me. This is a kid free cruise for us.
  3. Perfect. And then my husband who will be meeting me later will he just check in at the beach bed check in area? Thanks.
  4. Do you know how it works? are we assigned a bed or just given something that shows that we have one and then we pick it? Thanks.
  5. I am so glad it isn't just me who finds that so confusing. I just booked it. I work full time and have a 9 and 3 year old. My husband will be at the waterpark in the morning. The idea of being by myself on a 'bed' relaxing looking out at the ocean for a small amount of time just seems priceless right now.
  6. I just bought it. The fact that my husband will be over at the waterpark in the morning sealed it for me. Also this is a trip about relaxation for me so the easier the better.
  7. New question...I just went to purchase one. It says it should be $199 but then I put in 2 guests and the final price is charging me for 2 instead of just one. Am I just to put one guest on the reservation? Thanks.
  8. Hi everyone, my husband and I will be on a kid free cruise on the Harmony the first week of August. My husband has already bought a ticket for the thrill waterpark. Originally I bought one too but realized it just didn't make sense as I don't love waterslides. I was thinking about trying to get a Chill Island Bed Rental. Couple of reasons, main one being I won't have to fight anyone to get a seat and then my husband can find me easily later. Here is my question, is it worth it? I cannot tell but are they shaded? Thanks as always.
  9. On the Freedom last August, our tablemates were frequent cruisers with Royal. One person talked about these and requested them for our last night. Honestly, I didn't really get it. and i love bread.
  10. Good point. I will just make it part of my workday to check.
  11. This is helpful. Thanks. I am good with something in the 50s. Do they have 'sales' around president's day? I will just check in daily.
  12. Good afternoon, I hope everyone is well. We are going on the Harmony the first week of August. I know that the Premium Drink Package Price fluctuates all of the time. When we booked it was at $61 a day and now at $65. Last year we were able to get $47 on the Freedom. I know that it varies by ship as well. I am just curious by example what is the lowest folks have seen (other than the glitch last year. ). Thanks very much.
  13. My husband and I are looking at a a Liberty of Seas cruise out of Galveston at the beginning of August going to Mexico and Roatan. We are thinking about going in a Grand Suite. It mentions that this includes Concierge services. What exactly does this include? Does it include drinks? Any advice at all. Any thoughts on the ship? Thanks everyone.
  14. Thank you so much for linking to this report for me. I am sold now just need to sell my husband on the idea.
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