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RC's Black Friday sale


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20 minutes ago, AspiringCruisePlanner said:

In case others were wondering if there were sales other than the cruise planner, here's what they are offering for cruise fare discounts this week.



I'm going to guess the price of my already booked cruises isn't going to change.

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I've been tracking and watching the prices for a couple of cruises I have planned, waiting for Black Friday sales, as they've started for me:

Freedom - Jan. 31st - 4 night.  Soda prices are down $8.99 down to $6.49; Soda + Voom $23.00 down to $19.00.  The DBP is actually higher $62 now up to $64, and DBP + Voom is $75.00 down to $73.00, so very little difference there.  Some CocoCay prices are WAY down:  Thrill Waterpark pass $79.99 down to $43.99; Beach Club Pass $142.99 down to $78.99; Zipline $80.99 down to $53.99; Balloon ride $54.99 down to $36.99.  NONE of the cabana pricing was on sale or reduced, with the same pricing as before Black Friday.  NONE of the meal packages (UDP nor individual restaurants) were discounted at all, and same as pre Black Friday.

Explorer - June 5th - 6 night.  Soda pricing same as above (Freedom 4 night).  Also like Freedom above, the DBP is higher $58 now up to $61, and DBP + Voom is $69 now up to $71.  Some CocoCay prices are down:  Thrill Waterpark $97.99 down to $53.99; Beach Club Pass $178.99 down to $98.99; Zipline $80.99 down to $53.99; Balloon ride $58.99 down to $36.99.  Like Freedom above, NONE of the cabana pricing was reduced.  NONE of the dining packages were reduced either.  Other than CocoCay, NONE of the excursions I reviewed and tracked for other ports were reduced...ONLY CocoCay activities.

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Hi all, for mariner of the seas 12/28 4 day bahamas from port canaveral - we booked from Ireland / UK.


Our Deluxe Beverage package went from £64.99 to £52.99 today... small saving i suppose. it says 30% off on board which is around £80 apparently.


I've heard it mentioned on here before that we tend to pay more in pounds than if on the US Website?


My dad already purchased his DBP - could he call up and re-book to avail of the savings?


I am guessing that reduction today will be as low as it will go now for the remainder of BF/Cyber Monday deal period..


I thought overall £200+ for 4 days wasn't bad value for 4 days considering what the DBP includes

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