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  1. Only the refreshment package comes down from 23 to 17. Deluxe beverage package it's 64 and I bought it at 53 (I think on labor day sales)
  2. Yes: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/do-i-need-a-covid-vaccine-to-cruise-what-counts-as-proof
  3. Looks like they cancelled Nassau for my November 26th cruise.
  4. Wow! Glad I didn't cancel when I received the last email about the changes eliminating MDR Chops Lunch. Plus they'll keep the room service included! Deal!
  5. Royal Caribbean group on FB. My Nov 26th cruise hasn't changed yet...
  6. Nice, so I would expect they cancel Nassau for November 26th cruise as well. I honestly don't like the excursions for that day at Nassau. Nassau is not receiving good reviews in the Shipmate app these days.
  7. Yes, I bought the 3 Night Dining Package.... but Chops Grill and Jamie's Italian aren't accepting reservation for dinner on the 31st (I guess because the special dinner that are being sold for $95.00 (Jamie's Italian) and $99.00 (Chops Grill) for NYE dinner celebrations.... I tried to book them individually (outside the Dining Package) and they have the reservation blocked for that day (so no reservations unless you buy the Holiday Dinner with any of them). So, I ended buying the 3 Night Dining Package + Chops Grill* Holiday Dinner (I won't use the 3 Night Dining Package for Chops*). *I still deciding with my fam if we'll switch Chops Holiday dinner to Jamie's Italian holiday dinner or maybe cancel it and enjoy the MDR holiday dinner.
  8. Hey!!!! I'll in this cruise with my family as well with my family! Super excited to my first NYE cruise! Quick question, are any of you contemplating get the NYE dinner in the MDR or Speciality Restaurant? Chops Grill and Jamie's Italian has special holiday dinner that day. I bought Chops but I think I'll switch to Jamie's Italian.
  9. Looks like they cancelled Nassau on the November 19th cruise (Independence of the Seas). So, keep an eye to your itinerary, Nassau may be cancelled as well. I honestly prefer they cancel Nassau for my November 26th cruise.
  10. Thanks @KristiZ! I'm also considering option B!
  11. Hi all! Another quick questions, looking for recommendations regarding this same topic: New Year’s Eve cruise. I'm looking to buy the Unlimited Dining Package, but I would like to have a speciality dinner experience on New Year’s Eve (December 31) - Family Tradition Chops Grill is the only specialty restaurant offering "Chops Grille Holiday Dinner" for $99.99. So, my questions are: 1 - If I bought unlimited dining package.... Can I have access to "Chops Grille Holiday Dinner"? I guess the answer is NO. So, if no... see my second question. 2 - What option you think should worth more for the money (We're 4 people): A. Buy unlimited dining package B. Buy 3 day dining package + Chops Grille Holiday Dinner C. MDR is a must go for Holiday Dinner (I saw that I can order Chops Grille menu from the MDR)
  12. The only difference from yesterday’s prices is the banner at the top that announce the “deals” and few cococay passes are 10 off
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