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  1. Have you presented the electronic version? We had ours today but they said results tomorrow and we will be on a plane(going down a day before) so I will be unable to print I was stressing they needed to keep a copy so flashing my phone wouldn’t be acceptable
  2. I will have two young vaccinated kids and a 2 year old. My plan is windjammer and lots of room service, taking them to a restaurant with a waiter is a nightmare, we figure that’s what adventure ocean is for but if your kids are older main dining might be fine. Have you called to try to get the earlier seating? Unfortunately unvaccinated can’t do MTD
  3. So I have looked everywhere on RC's site and I cannot find if they accept Rapid PCR or just RT-PCR for vaccinated guests(taken 2 days before) and unvaccinated(taken 3 days before). I just want to make sure I do not show up on Feb 13th with a rapid PCR and get denied. Thanks!
  4. Thank you that’s super helpful! I will contact royals private journey tomorrow(but it sounds expensive ). Do you have kids going on this sailing as well?
  5. We are going on Liberty of the Seas 2.13 and we will have everyone vaccinated expect our 2 year old. NONE of the RC excursions allow children of that age at our stops, and as of now the hours for the Royal Tots do not include when the ship is docked. Does this mean we have to stay on the boat? I would love to go to a private beach club, is there anyway this could be an option? We are going to Belize, Cozumel and Costa Maya
  6. Was the windjammer open for dinner when you were on Liberty?
  7. ok! I thought it depending on your ship and only Oasis was $13?
  8. My husband and I are planning on getting the drinking packages on our upcoming Liberty cruise. It says it covers drinks up to $12, but many of the drinks at the bars were were looking at are $13. Are those not covered or do you pay the $1 difference? I could not find a clear answer to that. Thank you!
  9. Interested to see what it is on my Feb 13th cruise on Liberty. I know that is past the mandate so maybe it will be full capacity? When I do a mock booking online there are only a few cabins available and the balconies are all sold out, so maybe they do this to get you to book a suite? Would love if anyone can chime in on that. I am really hoping for a reduced capacity since I will have three kids using adventure ocean(and one in the nursery) and I want to make sure we can drop them off most nights so we can visit the casino
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