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  1. Hi all! couldn't find this one in the circa 15 pages of roll calls.. Hi if there is anynoe out there!
  2. Hi all, for mariner of the seas 12/28 4 day bahamas from port canaveral - we booked from Ireland / UK. Our Deluxe Beverage package went from £64.99 to £52.99 today... small saving i suppose. it says 30% off on board which is around £80 apparently. I've heard it mentioned on here before that we tend to pay more in pounds than if on the US Website? My dad already purchased his DBP - could he call up and re-book to avail of the savings? I am guessing that reduction today will be as low as it will go now for the remainder of BF/Cyber Monday deal period.. I thought overall £200+ for 4 days wasn't bad value for 4 days considering what the DBP includes
  3. Is it too late for us at this stage to get travel insurance if we've already booked the flights to US from ireland and cruise with RCCL? In any case, any recommendations of travel insurance providers? Not sure whether its best to insure as a party of 8 or individually..
  4. thank you. how about testing for arriving back into port canaveral on january 1st? or is it just continue on...
  5. That’s great, I know it’s on the RCC website protocols somewhere, but I’ve read that much stuff in the last few days my head is all over the place. we arrive into Orlando from Dublin, Ireland on Monday 27th December. We cruise Tuesday 28th. Does that mean our best option for having a test to show at boarding on Tuesday is to have a rapid antigen or whatever is fastest? Just trying to get organized. I don’t think it’s wise to assume arriving in Orlando on Monday evening, we’ll be able to just get a test with very fast results somewhere that will be ready for boarding Tuesday afternoon? maybe we should take one in Ireland on Sunday 26th night time, hopefully that should be ok inside 48 hours And on 1st January when we arrive back in Orlando - what is the protocol? Do we take a test on board, does it have to be paid for? Or do we just continue on with our trip to our hotel in Orlando? thank you
  6. thanks very much for that, i will keep an eye out to tune in when it goes live. Yeah that's true. I think we had until November 1st to cancel our cruise, after that we have to pay the balance or lose the cruise as far as i'm aware! We aren't thinking of cancelling, just looking at backup options.
  7. Hi all, newbie here, Just looking to see if anyone has been on board mariner of the seas or did the bahamas & perfect day cruise from Port Canaveral, Florida? We are travelling on it as a group of 8 from Ireland. Leaving from Orlando (Port Canaveral), Florida onboard Mariner of the Seas 28 Dec, and return to Orlando Sat Jan 1st. We are at Nassau for one day, and perfect day for another. The other 2 days we are at sea. New years eve will be on the boat, i hope it's not a let down! We booked it for my mums 50th, 8 of us going - 3 siblings and their partners all in 20s, then mum & dad. We have not purchased any extras yet or beverage packages. I am looking forward to it, we are all double vaxxed, I am just a bit sceptical about how the cruises are running at present, are they fairly normal? Firstly I'd like to point out we went and got our vaccines right away, we're not anti-mask or anything. But I do not want my holiday to be spent wearing one for 4 days on the ship. I've read the guidelines on the website stating its only in certain places.. I'm not the biggest fan of masks, we do have to wear them indoors here in Ireland in some places, but things have got more relaxed. I'm hoping the ship isn't super strict. We have only been on one cruise before, it was Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas, from Barcelona around the Mediterranean for 7 nights, we loved it. We are spending the 2nd week of our holiday, Sat 1st - Sun 9th in Orlando around the parks etc. Part of me says maybe we should spend the 1st week somewhere else in Florida on land/at the coast, with everything that's going on at the moment, think i'm just a tad worried about how the ships are running!. But if the cruises are running fairly smoothly, i'm sure it'll be fantastic. It is a fairly short cruise anyways. Thank you in advance.
  8. Hi all! new on here... I tried to search for the above sailing, and even went through each page of this roll call board one by one but couldn't find it!! I was starting to wonder has it been cancelled or we've not been told! Here is the link to it on RCCL website: Link
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