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First Royal Caribbean Ship You Went On

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3 hours ago, JLMoran said:

Freedom of the Seas, April 2018. Also our first cruise ever, after years of trying to convince my wife it wasn’t the experience she’d been raised to think it was. (nonstop eating, nothing to do on board, broom closet cabins, etc)

My husband had to convince me too.  I tried every trick in the book to talk him out of it.  So glad he made me go anyway just sorry it took another 16 years to cruise again.

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Voyager of the seas in March 2002, western Caribbean as a high schooler.  it was spring break while she was the largest ship in the world at the time and we stayed in promenade view interiors, just loved absolutely everything about it.  what a rush.  my grandparents had a thing for taking the aunts and uncles on the 'largest ship in the world' at the time, we heard stories as kids about a few trips they took on Sovereign of the seas and the great times had.  the grandkids were 'finally' included on the Grand Princess a couple years prior (first time us kids got included) and the same group did Explorer of the Seas a couple years after when she debuted and slightly edged voyager.  I still remember being absolutely blown away by the Royal Promenade, skating rink, sheer number of public spaces and dining/bar options and things to do.  it was a teenager's perspective of course, but i remember vividly all of the differences from the fancy, traditional Princess vibe and the fun bombastic Royal experience.  now i certainly can appreciate both and would try princess again in the right circumstances.

I'm no psychologist but the experiences and memories aboard have to be wayyyyy up there in terms of why the Voyager class is still my favorite, the best balance of service, amenities and options with a solid connection to the ocean without the huge crowds and feeling like being stuck inside the mall of america that can happen on other ships.  Royal built themselves into what they are today with the Voyager/Freedom class. (in today's terms would we be calling the freedom class Voyager ultra?)

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Monarch of the Seas — when on our honeymoon back in ‘93, we were docked next to her.  We were aboard NCL Seaward.  Monarch was so huge in comparison, and just looked utterly amazing.  We decided someday we would sail on her.  By the time we did, she was no longer queen of the seas, but one of the older, smaller vessels doing 3/4 night runs to Tijuana out of LA.  But, we loved of every minute of our time aboard, and are so glad we were able to make that promise come true.  She was a beautiful ship

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