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  1. 5 currently booked, but waiting for the June cruise to be cancelled, and not to optimistic about the Oct cruise either due to it being a 9 nt that sails before that elusive Nov 1st date. Fingers crossed for the Labor Day weekend Mariner cruise that was lift & shifted from 2020. Much more optimistic about our 2022 cruises. Gosh I miss cruising!
  2. Augh, we are on this cruise too. Not really surprised, just really disappointed....again. Just L&S my February cruise, but of course L & S for June wasn’t an option. I’m nervous about my Oct 29, 2021 cruise now since it’s 9 nights.
  3. My 8 night Brilliance cruise in June finally changed over to Indy...but they put my husband and I on one side of the ship and our minor children on the other...what a mess. Hoping my TA can get it all sorted out.
  4. That would make sense. I’m on the June 19 sailing and it still shows Brilliance. I may or may not be logging in multiple times per day checking that...
  5. Still waiting for my email from Royal regarding our 6/19 Brilliance sailing. My cruise planner doesn’t reflect the change yet. My only big concern now is that we had 2 side by side staterooms booked on Brilliance because our kids will be in one room with my husband and I nextdoor. Hopefully this doesn’t cause an issue when they move us to Indy. I thankfully have an awesome TA who will handle this for me if it’s an issue, but I will still be on pins and needles until the switch is complete.
  6. My June 19th 8 night Brilliance sailing still shows up in my planner, but the switch to Indy will make the kids happy. Just hope I can keep my cruise planner purchases since they are keeping the itinerary and simply replacing the ship.
  7. The last cruise I took was a quick 4 night on Brilliance with my youngest son on January 30th. We homeschool and took the cruise to see the Mayan ruins at San Gervasio (I wasn’t comfortable heading to the mainland without my husband with us). We had the best field trip ever. The other highlight of the cruise was our assistant waiter, Mauro. He did magic tricks each night and took care of my son like his own. He was awesome!
  8. I totally agree. Haven’t heard of any airline flights quarantining passengers when they disembark, and there are many more people entering the country daily on an airplane than from a cruise ship. With the airlines, the flight crews just turn around, board another flight and life goes on. And what about the thousands of people that are visiting the various theme parks each day around the country? I would be much more concerned about being exposed at Disney World than on a cruise. Ironically I was at Disney about 5 weeks ago and even then there were a few people wearing marks in the park. The n
  9. On Oasis class I love relaxing at the Trellis Bar in Central Park, and coffee and pastries out on the balcony in the morning. On my favorite ship so far, Brilliance of the Seas, I love Schooner Bar and the outdoor couch seating next to Windjammer. Honestly, just being on any cruise is my happy place.
  10. I get the new log in screen, but am unable to get into any of my cruise planners.
  11. Following. We are sailing Explorer on the same itinerary in December...way too far away! Have a great cruise!
  12. I think you will be fine with that timing. We tendered in Grand Cayman last month and it wasn’t bad at all. They began issuing tender tickets about 2 hours before the first scheduled tender and if you get there early you should have no problem getting a low ticket number. The tender boats were quite large and they usually have several running, especially first thing when you arrive. Usually when you book the third party excursions they request your ship info including time your arrive/depart. They rely on ship passengers for business and definitely want to work with you to make your excursion
  13. In St. Maarten, we’ve been out with these guys twice and had a great time. Small group on the boat so no crowds. Short walk to their boat from the cruise pier and they are make sure you are back to your ship before on board time . https://coconut-reef.com In St. Thomas, we’ve been out with https://www.stthomasadventures.com . Absolutely amazing snorkeling with turtles and a reef that we were the only people snorkeling at...and there were 4 ships in port that day. Best excursion we’ve ever taken and worth every dollar. We are booked with them again for our visit in April. Can’t recommend t
  14. I felt this way last year after a particularly rough last day at sea before disembarkation. It took a good 3-4 days of being back on land before I felt normal again. We just returned from a cruise on Saturday and I didn’t have issues this time but my husband is still feeling it ever so slightly today. We haven’t found anything that really helps it go away faster, but it does eventually go away. Hope you feel better soon!
  15. I’m sailing on Brilliance this Saturday, Dec 7, cannot wait!!!
  16. Add me to the cruise addiction club. After an 18 lull in cruising (how the heck did I afford Disney cruises when I was just out of college?!), we cruised on Allure last June with my sister and her family. Loved that so much that it led to a cruise without kids in December and the obsession began. I love following along on live blogs here and spend my treadmill time each day watching cruise vlogs. I may or may not have been looking at future itineraries already this morning
  17. I informed my husband this morning that a Panama Canal cruise is now on our list of future cruises to book. Your pictures are amazing and convinced me it’s worth the time and price. Looks absolutely incredible.
  18. Beautiful pictures as always. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.
  19. The Royal Up offer for my 12/7 Brilliance cruise came on 10/11. I don’t expect to hear if it’s accepted or declined until a few days before we cruise. I am really not expecting an upgrade because my bid for a balcony was low, but I am totally happy with the location of our current cabin.
  20. Another vote for Columbus Cove. There are plenty of loungers under the palm trees available, especially if you get there early. The water is much calmer than the other side where the beach beds are. Keep an eye open for the Beach Bungalows there too. We had one last year in June that we picked up on sale for $250 - best money we spent. There are only 8 available, so they can book up quickly.
  21. The ferry ride definitely sounds like it would bother my son. He still gets sick just riding around on our mountain roads. I will definitely just stick to Cozumel and leave the mainland stuff for a future visit.
  22. Wow, that sounds a lot longer than the 3 1/2 hours they list on the cruise planner. I don’t mind the early start, but my MIL cannot go that late for lunch. Might have to go without her since my son and I definitely want to do the ruins for homeschooling purposes. The beach isn’t a big deal this trip, so no big deal if there isn’t time for that. Guess we will play it by ear. Thanks for your feedback.
  23. How long did the tour last and what time of day did the tour take place? I am pretty sure I will be booking this for myself, my 82 yr old MIL and my 11 yr old son. I am hoping we will still have time for my son and I to visit Discover Mexico or a maybe a beach near the port after the tour.
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