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  1. I've bid on my 9/19 Oasis cruise. I guess I won't hear anything until after the test cruise. Right now everything is still pending.
  2. Congrats! I sail in Sept so just patiently waiting
  3. I'm not checking any more if it has sailed well I'm ok with my room. Just don't want a surprise charge to my card. Not sailing until 9/19 so I guess I have time.
  4. I just checked and get the same message. I booked thru Royal casino
  5. We are on Oasis September 19th. Fingers crossed
  6. Hello I am sailing on 9/19. I know I'm more than 30 days out but just thought I would check to see if I could bid. I expected the you are more than 30 days out. Instead I got nothing. It just went back to the original page. Has anyone ever had that happen?
  7. Never blamed you guys, instead THANK YOU. Were it not for reading what the two of you wrote about Star Class I would have never given it a thought. I've stayed Star Class twice and trying to figure out how to get a third stay.
  8. LOL, Im just your average working person. This trip was a gift to my parents celebrating their 63rd wedding anniversary. Star Class sort of fell in my lap, I grabbed it and ran with it
  9. We experienced the elevator thing on the first day. Our Genie got the elevator doors opened and everyone jumped on. The Genie politely said I'm sorry you have to get off. Once empty the four of us plus the Genie got on. I heard who the He... are they as the doors closed.
  10. The one time I bid I got it and was beyond happy!
  11. I hope so. I just found the Facebook group and requested permission to join, I love the Oasis this will be my 5th time cruising her.
  12. We are currently booked on the Oasis in September. I was hopeful that we would cruise out of NJ. With the new cancellations my hope is falling. Do you think September may just happen or should I start looking to change my cruise?
  13. I booked for September. We will see
  14. My favorite memory....Last December (2019) I took my parents on the Oasis to celebrate their 63 wedding anniversary. We normally drive to Florida but this time I talked them into flying. Note they had not flown in over 20 years. What they did not know is that I booked us first class tickets! We normally stay at holiday inn or such the night before. This time I booked us in the Mandarin Oriental Miami. By this time they are just beyond happy. As we left for the ship I kinda forgot to tell them that we were staying Star Class again. It was the best cruise ever!
  15. Yes we would consider driving. Actually we are. I changed out cruise 9/2021 from leaving Florida to Oasis living from NJ. We live in NY.
  16. I did this about 4 years ago with my aunt. Neither of us can swim. We had the time of our live.
  17. Hoping this works for you. I decided to cancel all my cruises for this year. One with my folks, a girls trip and one with my boyfriend. We all just decided it would be better to be home and they were all between February and May. I try to take my folks on vacation. Sort of my way of giving back since they are on fixed incomes. My back up plan is DVC maybe Hilton Head or Vero Beach later in the year.
  18. I took my folks to celebrate 81 and 82 birthday and 59 wedding anniversary. My dads youngest sister also came. None of them knew what type of room we had. They thought an ocean balcony room and we would make due. From the time we dropped off the luggage until we got on a private elevator they were totally confused. Walking into the suite and turning the corner it just took my breath away, It is probably the first time my dad and aunt couldn't speak. My mom just started to cry. My folks had the downstairs bedroom my aunt and I the loft. there was more room that I can say. Closet space oh my, drawers oh my. Its like being in an apartment. The hot tub was my new best friend. Having a genie, food, 3pm cocktails well you know the drill. Was it worth the money since I paid the bulk of the cost.....YES!!!! Would I do it again,,...I DID. My folks and I cruised the Oasis again this past September but this time on the other end of 17. The room not as big the the benefits all the same.
  19. 1740 is the most amazing room. We stayed in it two years ago. I still look at the pictures and smile!
  20. We are cruising right after you and I have not heard anything
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