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  1. Radiance of the Seas, 2003 in Alaska, roundtrip from Vancouver. Ship was 3 years old and we were blown away with how upscale we thought this ship was. First balcony cabin 7154.
  2. Never had a problem, even on a Baltic sailing. Italy was always the easiest, seemed everybody understood some English. On sailings that visit multiple countries, don't make it tough on yourself trying to learn different languages.
  3. Have to agree with twangster, I cannot see why another step is needed with an additional app. It works just like it is. Is the additional app needed for only certain type phones or certain carriers? Advise above is good though, set it up at HOME and use it. Leave it on ALL the time(mine's been on for years)), and just switch to Airplane mode when cruising. When you make a call, just log on to your ship wifi and use your phone like you were home.
  4. Yeah, like Rated PG says, don't waste that Euro outlet. Get one of these(3 USB chargers), really work well.
  5. Yes, regular texting works over wifi when in airplane mode. No apps needed. We just about all use iPhone, but it also works for texting to my son's Samsung.
  6. Then how exactly is your message being sent? If over wifi, aren't you making a wifi transmission and reception? Why not just text and you don't need any app?
  7. Orange Crush is correct, we do this on EVERY cruise. Phone is always in airplane mode onboard the ship. Only time we take the phone off airplane mode is in a US port, USVI, San Juan, where AT&T is accessible. The caveat we found was .....on an iPhone, you have to select and set up wifi calling BEFORE putting into airplane mode. We leave WIFI calling on ALL the time, home or away. We tried showing some fellow cruisers how to do this several times, problem is if they switch off airplane mode to enable wifi , phone will incur large charges out in mid Atlantic ocean. We found other carriers had wifi calling also. I don't doubt there are those carriers who don't support wifi calling.
  8. Yes, have done Bayonne once and got a cab from hotel to port around 9:30. Little waiting around, but not much.
  9. Agree, our flight arrival time is what generally determines our arrival time at the dock.
  10. Was on the Empress about 18 months ago. No Diamond Lounge, but every night the Viking Crown Lounge had open bar for Diamond + and Pinnacle during happy hours. I know this has been discontinued. Twangster is onboard now, and will check in I'm sure. I'll be boarding Saturday for a couple weeks.
  11. I know people who have requested a fan and were told they were all out.
  12. Buy one of these for every trip. Give it to the cabin steward after the trip. WallyWorld for $14.
  13. Let's see..............12 days, fairly port intensive, several countries, etc. Sounds great to me. I would not fly that far for less, but I am retired. Those tend to be some of the more expensive sailings though if that makes a difference.
  14. Have had a corner aft on deck 7 on Navigator. They are not the same on other decks. The stateroom is not any different, the balcony is a larger. This is cabin 7388. One pic is looking outboard, the other is looking inboard towards the other cabins. Have read that the folks on deck 6 have a much obstructed view as they have a football field of steel deck right out in front of their balcony. Not sure it would bother me though.
  15. Have had an aft balcony on Indy for a Transatlantic 14 days and never noticed any engine noise.
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