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  1. I don't think this is possible on a full cruise ship(think elevators). Not enough people climb stairs. You can't have performers do that many shows a night to accommodate all passengers in the theater. You have 2 dining times now, how many more can you make if you have half the tables? It starts to sound very unvacation like.
  2. Only when they are worn properly. I can't tell you how many people I see walking around stores with a mask halfway down. Can't tell you how many people wear the same mask day after day, putting it on and off all day. Abject failure for mask usage. These breathable fabric gaiters people wear(depending on mfg) can pass half of your breath when you sneeze. Flattening the curve does not mean you won't get the virus. It just kicks the can down the road a bit. It's not a political opinion or judgement, I frankly don't give a hoot who's in the White House. To say that I have an opinion on this issue based on a politics, is to think if someone else were in charge, I would feel differently...nonsense.
  3. This is the reason we quit taking any FCC. If I could use them more like the cash I gave them initially, we would still have a bunch of them. I would have to start a spreadsheet and make a job out of following all these things for years because every time I used a couple, they were naturally over by some margin, and guess what.....they will then issue you more FCC's for the difference. NO Thanks! Let's see....no combining, no stacking, no transferring, etc. Make it more like spending cash, you know, like when I gave it to you.............
  4. Agree with PhillyLady, at first we tried booking out into the near future(July). That didn't go well, cancelled again. RCI, as well as the other lines, are selling ALL these future sailings as if they will all go off as planned a year or two ago. Even selling drink packages, wifi, etc. We are concentrating on just recovering our invested monies, and and will begin booking last minute when they begin sailing again. It does take away the fun of planning, BUT, that's a lot better than trying to get a refund 90 days later.
  5. I will try and not bother for less than $50, but have called for less. Just sent an email to my TA for a $124 savings reprice on a fall 2021 sailing. She has been great through all this. Usually an email is all it takes and it's done.
  6. Great reply as it represents my sentiments exactly. At first we took the FCC's because we thought they could be used much the same as cash for existing and future bookings. Much to our dismay, that IS NOT the case. It seems to be like the game of kick the can. Just keep kicking the can down the road. We end up with smaller FCC's that can't be combined/stacked and have no idea when you will get them. We tried to play the game for a couple months, but have grown weary as it becomes a job just keeping up with all the restrictions.....it ain't no fun anymore. 3 cancelled so far.
  7. Actually, October is generally when things BEGIN to ease up down here. I would have no qualms about booking a sailing in October, BUT, there are no guarantees. Every year is different.
  8. Not sure you will see the Majesty come through all of this and return to New Orleans as planned. Much better chance of reopening of Galveston in some form or another.
  9. Actually, on the Rhapsody, the Diamond Club is a partitioned section of the Shall We Dance lounge aft on deck 6. When large numbers of Diamond and up are onboard, they will use a large section of the Shall We Dance lounge as an overflow area for the daily Diamond and up event. This was the set up the last time I was on the Rhapsody, hope it is still this way.
  10. If RCI enforces wearing a mask, that's fine. I don't attempt to sway their decision, BUT, I will make sure they know that I won't be spending my money on a "cruise vacation" that includes this requirement. You can go and enjoy yourself, good luck. How many people do you think on a cruise ship will wear a mask properly, not touch it, replace it several times a day, etc........Your expectations are out of touch with reality.
  11. I think the mask promoters fail to mention this, or could be choose to forget this small bit of information.
  12. That is how I would answer also. I don't think people are thinking this through when they mention the term "social distancing" in relation to a cruise ship, or a theater, or a lounge, etc, etc..........................even a restaurant that makes money.
  13. My goodness, I don't think you will be sailing again for a long time....if ever.
  14. Agree, most of the people saying they will wait for a vaccine need to understand there may well never be a vaccine. "Social Distancing" and full time or even part time masking is not a reasonable expectation on a ship or a lot of other land based venues.
  15. No Windjammer and having to wear a facemask AT ALL. Both deal breakers.
  16. It's not just the travel industries, keeping things shut down will have deep impacts on many segments and varieties of businesses both small and large. Even restaurants can't survive at 25% or 50%. I agree that it is just another SLIGHT risk we take when living our lives. I am OK with that. Lots of other things I can concern myself with.
  17. Our FCC's took about 6 weeks and still don't have the Air2Sea airline charges refunded. Wish I had better news than that to give you. We were able to place an extended courtesy hold on a future cruise with another cancelled cruise "FCC's coming", but it expires on May 31, and still have no FCC from the second cancellation.
  18. I get your problem with this decision. We just used a couple FCC's for final payment on an upcoming September TA. We decided that RCI already had enough of our money in hand for future sailings. Also, we have not gotten ANY refunds of cash for Air2Sea and taxes totaling thousands. I won't send ANY more cash till RCI gets a few things get sorted out. Just do some last minute stuff with a sailing that WILL go.
  19. I have tried to imagine a cruise that had real social distancing. The ship would have to be about 25% capacity.
  20. No issues on transatlantic sailings. That is cabin 9260 on the Serenade, same as Jewel, Brilliance, and Radiance. Below is 9658 on Brilliance
  21. Agree with Hagar, 9256 is a bit odd shaped (pinched), although a good choise. I think 9260 actually has as almost as much usable space. Decks 8 and 9 aft are the best as far as noise is concerned. However we have had a deck 7 and 10 aft and would book either of them again, not that much difference in noise either from below on 7, or above on deck 10.
  22. Been on several both east and west bound. Have been fortunate in that all our sailings were smooth except for the last. That one was this past December from Venice to Ft. Lauderdale on the Pacific Princess(That was on a very small 600 passenger ship). If you are concerned, try what we did. We did our first on the biggest ship(Allure Of The Seas) and had a very smooth crossing. Try booking one of the larger ships. Sept. and Oct. sailings were very nice, as well as April and May.
  23. Just how large is that axe you are grinding?
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