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  1. June 2018 Alaska on Explorer. My wife and I enjoyed the BEST crab we have ever had at Tracy's Crab shack in Juneau. I will never forget that. My 2 teenage daughters didn't want to eat crab that day, they should have!! Also, just the family time together in Alaska, it was beautiful.
  2. Shows up on our Jan 24 Independence sailing also.
  3. On both of my Symphony and Adventure cruises that got cancelled, I prebooked my spot at each of the tourneys through the cruise planner, so yes, they have been offered before. You could also buy casino lessons and other things through the casino. But they are not listed now.
  4. Just looked in cruise planner for my Jan 24 cruise on IOS, and there are no listings for any of the casino tourneys. I was looking to reserve my spot at the Black Jack and Texas Holdem tourneys, but they are not listed in the cruise planner. Has anyone heard anything about this? Should I be worried that the casino won't even be opened?
  5. Just wondering if anyone has tried the Redeem Your Cruise Credit on the RCCL website. Seems easy, but I wonder if they will let me put some of my FCC towards the down payment online? I have a new cruise on a courtesy hold, waiting for them to reissue some FCC that didn't really get used, because my Aug 29 cruise was cancelled. I am thinking of trying it out, but really hoping my new FCC gets issued before July 15, when supposedly my courtesy hold runs out.
  6. Are they just waiting as long as they can, to hold our money even longer? My Aug. 29 cruise on Symphony still shows on my cruise planner, they haven't changed the date from July 31 yet on their website. Is this another one of their tactics to start the 30, 45, or 90 day clock, whichever one they are going by now? They have now got money of mine for 2 cruises that have been cancelled. I am getting a little worried that I may never see any of it back. Any thoughts on why they have not announced anything yet?
  7. Got my taxes and fees refund today. Still waiting on prepaid grats, and the odyssey with my cancelled cruise will be over. Hopefully we sail on Aug 29th so I don't have to go through all this again.
  8. I hope they still have the Hold'em poker tournament. Or at least have some good cash games going when all this opens up.
  9. Got my 125% Cruise planner credit applied to my account today. This, after getting an email a couple days ago, saying they were crediting it back to my original form of payment. Oh well. Now just waiting on taxes,fees,grats.
  10. I received an email from RCCL yesterday saying they were refunding my Cruise Planner money to my original form of payment at 100%. I had opted for the 125% credit to be applied to my new booked cruise. The customer service lady told me they were only doing 100% refunds on cruise planner. She told me she had worked for RCCL for 13 years, and they would never give 125% credit for cruise planner items. I told her that I have a screenshot, and emails that prove differently. She didn't believe me. My TA was on the line also in a conference call, and she couldn't believe how we were being talk
  11. I still have not received either as promised. Time for another call to my TA.
  12. Heard from my TA this morning. She said my 125% Cruise planner credit should be applied in the next 24-48 hours, and my taxes,fees by Monday. Let's hope they told her the truth.
  13. Well with the sale going on in cruise planner, I would like to give them some money again if I saw my refund this week. But until I do, they aren't getting another dime of mine. Sailing Aug 29 on Symphony.
  14. Still no taxes, fees, grats refund. Anyone else having any luck?
  15. Our April 24 cruise on Adventure was cancelled in March. We still haven't gotten our port fees and taxes reimbursed to us yet. Has anyone in the same time frame gotten theirs yet? My final payment for our Aug 29 cruise is coming up, and I need that money to pay it.
  16. I have the same problem from our FCC. But I haven't booked a second cruise yet. Hopefully my TA can take care of the gap in FCC for us.
  17. Has anyone had any luck talking RCCL into splitting up FCC? My wife and I were scheduled on Adventure April 25th out of Miami. Of course, that got cancelled. We opted for the 125% FCC. We rescheduled Aug 29th on Symphony. With the weird RCCL math, and promotions, after booking yesterday, I have $166 FCC left to use, and my wife has $934 FCC remaining. Obviously we are going to have to book another cruise to use it up (I'm not giving RCCL $1100 of my money) That being the way it is, we would like to take our 2 daughters and grand daughter on a 4-5 day cruise to use up the FCC. Do you th
  18. I got my 125% Cruise Planner credit today, but still no FCC or taxes & fees paid back.
  19. Last Cruise: 691 Days ago in Explorer to Alaska Next Cruise 122 Days on Symphony
  20. I have got no communication from RCCL at all on the subject. My sailing was 4-25-2020. I hope I get my FCC and Cruise planner credit tomorrow.
  21. Does anyone know if the 125% Cruise Planner refund will just show up at the top of the Cruise Planner page when it is issued? I requested it on March 25th, and haven't heard anything from RCCL yet. Also still waiting on my FCC and taxes & fees on a sailing that was supposed to be on April 25th. Have a new cruise booked for Aug. 29th on Symphony, hopefully my FCC and taxes & fees are refunded in time for me to use on this cruise. THX.
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