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  1. We were supposed to be on a June 2020 cruise that was cancelled. Then found one for June 2021 where the FCC was applied and that got cancelled. We did not feel safe traveling in 2021 to move to something else so when Europe summer 2022 opened today we called a little bit ago and were told could not apply it to anything past April 2022 so asked for a refund and the rep put the request in.
  2. I got the e-mail our Med cruise in June has been cancelled. We have to decide if we want to change to something else or if we will hold off until 2022 and just do something in the US next summer.
  3. We have a 14 day booked for June 2021 which is round trip out of Barcelona and we get to Rome, La Spezia for Pisa/Florence, Nice, Crete, Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, and Ephesus. We plan to fly in a few days early but not sure yet if my work schedule will allow a little time after to fly to Lisbon and spend a few days there. That is if we are even able to go. Hope they would have something similar for 2022.
  4. When I was a kid my first ever cruise was short I can’t even remember what islands we saw or the name of the company if it is even in existence combined with a few days at Walt Disney World in FL. Unfortunately did not get to go on another one until I was married and the 2 of us along with my mom took an Alaskan cruise on Radiance out of Vancouver. Our next was with Norwegian on Pride of America in Hawaii. We have also been to the Western Caribbean on Allure and to the Bahamas on Majesty. Our Western Med on Explorer this summer was an cancelled. We booked for next summer on Vision which is
  5. Did you just go online? I ask because when we booked our June 2021 cruise in May of this year everything we looked at said it was not available but when we called the rep got us what we wanted.
  6. We have been on Allure and loved it so would recommend that it is such an amazing ship. There is the Central Park area, Boardwalk area and Aquatheater. We have done 3 cruises with Royal and always found the ships clean and the staff wonderful. Our 1st ever cruise with them was Alaska on Radiance. Then we did Western Caribbean on Allure where we went to Labadee, Haiti, Falmouth, Jamaica, and Cozumel, Mexico. We also did Bahamas on Majesty where we went to Coco Cay, Key West, and Nassau. No complaints at all have enjoyed everything. We were supposed to be on Explorer this summer for Italy
  7. For the 6/21 cruise that was cancelled I got the e-mail with the FCC on 6/24. I had already cancelled all of the cruise planner items when we knew we would not be able to go in April and the refund appeared on my next credit card statement.
  8. Vision of the Seas 6/7/21 Where can I find the master list?
  9. We cancelled everything in the cruise planner (shore excursions, drink package, and internet package) in April prior to the cruise finally cancelling in May a month before and the refund was processed to my credit card very quickly. My credit was on the next statement. I have heard it takes longer if you wait for the cruise to be cancelled to get everything you are supposed to between the Future Cruise Credit for the cruise and items in the CP. I would not use a TA and just book directly through Royal yourself. I have heard so many horror stories with people who used one and are having so
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