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  1. For the 6/21 cruise that was cancelled I got the e-mail with the FCC on 6/24. I had already cancelled all of the cruise planner items when we knew we would not be able to go in April and the refund appeared on my next credit card statement.
  2. Vision of the Seas 6/7/21 Where can I find the master list?
  3. We cancelled everything in the cruise planner (shore excursions, drink package, and internet package) in April prior to the cruise finally cancelling in May a month before and the refund was processed to my credit card very quickly. My credit was on the next statement. I have heard it takes longer if you wait for the cruise to be cancelled to get everything you are supposed to between the Future Cruise Credit for the cruise and items in the CP. I would not use a TA and just book directly through Royal yourself. I have heard so many horror stories with people who used one and are having so many issues because of the virus.
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