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Wonder of the Seas to Port Everglades

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I’m so excited. Already got Sharla checking for me to move my Harmony to Wonder. IF I can get roughly the same fare. Harmony was booked only to get us to Diamond Plus and it’s a pretty great price. Was trying to cut some corners but this news changes everything! 😂

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50 minutes ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

VERY few SC suites on Wonder.  No Star Loft Suites at all.  No prices for anything yet, that I can see.


Your TA can get pricing with BOGO when they input a SPECIFIC date. That's what mine has to do. If you want to shift a booking to WOS then your TA has to do it through Royal. This is what mine is doing right now. All Star class is gone as of this posting it may change of course.

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36 minutes ago, PG Cruiser said:




HUGE shoutout to my TA @StephanieH for getting me this booking!

 Nice! I’m expecting mine any moment. This cruise (March 18) is $500 less than my March Harmony that was in a CP balcony. Now we’re in an Ocean balcony. Waiting on my details as to which deck. 

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