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  1. I think we stayed on it for at least 2 round trips. I think as long as you're willing to drink you could stay on it for a while.
  2. Back when cruising first restarted and it was impossible for the crew to get off. I bought Chris some Rice Kripie (R) treats.
  3. Those gentlemen who wear their kilt garb look so sharp!
  4. More then likely they'll move it to day 3. To give people time to get ready. Just came off Odyssey, PD was day 2, Formal was day 3.
  5. We waited until we reached Diamond on Royal before we sailed on Celebrity. Your Diamond level = Celebrity's Elite level. which has some nice/better perks
  6. We have Medicare, so we didn't get charged. But somebody paid for it , just like when we went to the CVS testing kiosk.
  7. MEDFIELD Like I said it was in a Minuteclinic. I think you got to hunt a peck, I was lucky and found that the one I went to in the past was still doing the Rapid type. Could only get appointments day of not next day or further out. Good Luck
  8. Just did our tests at CVS Minute Clinic, They did take vitals and had to answer some other Medical questions. Came back Negative. YEAH!
  9. The little bread container that gets put on the table is just about the same each night. Always 2 slice of Italian style bread 2 also white rolls (probably sour dough type) and maybe 1 more other type - cheese, pumpkin seed. Very rarely do I see a dark roll.
  10. They were offered many years ago, when the assit. warier would come with a tray full of many different kinds of bread/rolls. They look like that they took a bagel, cut into 6 pieces and dusted them with poppy seeds.
  11. Also when you get back on board for the 2nd cruise a day or so later go down to Guest Services and make sure that they have a CC on file. We got the statement at the end of our 2nd leg and it showed a balance. Well, I thought they had my CC on file caused I did the checkin months ago. So as we where getting off the ship to have our seapass cards; ours BEEP, we couldn't get off cause we hadn't paid our bill. (I was irate!) had to back to GS and give them the card. DH was getting hot under the collar. FIY DON'T ASSUME ANYTHING!
  12. Radiance of the Seas is going through the Canal. Leaving Galveston on April 21 to LA.
  13. I don't like the wording "Not accepted for travel" , but cruising??? Will it be accepted by Royal??
  14. yeah, In my search, Allston CVS has a drive thru, about an hour away. So I bought the emed ones. Then found out a local CVS minutecllinic will do it, but does say not for travel. am going there Thursday and will ask if this is the same one that they did out in the little building earlier this year. if so good to go. if not i'll have my proctored ones, Saw some Walgreens in RI does them.
  15. We did a B2B on Mariner end of Jan beg. of Feb. 1st cruise was canned, 2nd cruise was bottle.
  16. They(host stand) may also want cabin numbers. You purchase the UDP to save $$$. As mention above you still can't prebook reservations on the yet. So get your list together (1st and 2nd choices along with times)and go to one of the specialty restaurants as soon as you board and place your order. You may also want to see what's being offered in the MDR each night, to see if you'd like to eat there a night or 2.
  17. Thanks Was wondering cause in the cruise planner as of right now can't book or see dinning or beverage packages. So was wondering if they're going to replace some of the specialty restaurants, Sabor? (as there is no Izumi)
  18. Do you know how many of you are on board? Thanks
  19. Was wondering if Liberty is going to get a make over? I see there are no cruises showing end of October. She's in Galveston 'til Oct 18th or so; then starts her next sailings on Nov. 1 from Ft. Lauderdale.
  20. Does anyone know if Royal has reinstated them?
  21. What's the count on Wonder and Odyssey this week?
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