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  1. We like to buy the Christmas ship ornament (3-D style, not a flat disc type). We got one on our last Odyssey cruise , but when I got home and compared it to my Quantum one it was a BIT smaller. I think they've changed the venders.
  2. Though on Jewel British isles and Artic circle there was no lobster night, Don't forget to check the Vegan menu there might be something there. A couple of time there was a veggie tempura as an appy also some interesting soups. You can also order of the kids menu if something on the regular menu doesn't say 'I want that'.
  3. On the newer ships - Odyssey & Wonder you can purchase one of kind made from the steel of the ship jewelry, $$$$.
  4. -Yes, on substations, I have a problem with scallops, so I got a thin sliced beef appy, also do not like coffee/expresso so I was able to get a plain chocolate martini. You might want to look at doing the Royal Lunch which is served without wine, but if you want to pair it with wine you can for an extra fee.
  5. When we landed in Amsterdam , there was no one! We did have instructions to go to the lounge at Arrival Gate 4 ; there was no lounge! We walked all over Schiphol looking for someone holding a sign. Just by luck found the person he was walking with sign with our name on it along with someone else. Never found that person. The next day our traveling companions had the same problem; never found anyone , had to take a taxi to the hotel.
  6. We'll be in Nassau end of October; also signed up for the Culinary tour. Would also be interested in reviews thanks
  7. I've even had crew members remember me from a pervious cruise. I sometimes don't remember someone I just met yesterday.
  8. You may want to think about getting the Anniversary package, or Anniversary decorations oft the Gifts and Gear. Since your cruise isn't until next August try to see what the price is around Black Friday. Remember you can always buy it now and if the price goes down cancel and rebuy.
  9. If doing regular dining and / or have the same table and waiters; I take a picture of the names of the waiters plaque. So I have the correct spelling of their names.
  10. You might want to think about coming in a couple of days early. If you've never been to Cape Kennedy It's an amazing site. Staying in or around Coco Beach/ Cape Canaveral area is less of a hassle to get to the ship in the morning.
  11. I always fill out the form on the website. No scanning of passport or vax card. We still show them at the port check in. Also I don't do the pictures - cause mine always scan or upload sideways and they have to retake them anyways.
  12. I always look at the Vegan menu on the app. There are a few appys that I like - Grilled Avocado, Tempura Veggies with soy sauce (ask for low sodium), some of the soups are good. For lunch in the MDR they sometimes have Butternut squash risotto. I know in one case there was nothing on the main menu so some friends of ours got the Kids chicken breast; even the Chicken figures were good. I wanted a brownie so I ordered of the Kids and it came with ice cream though ice cream was not listed or the words 'a la mode'.
  13. Insurance question - Does the Vacation Protection Plan that Royal offers cover the requirement? I'll be sailing late October on Enchantment. I know that policies could change, but just want to assure myself that the plan would be ok.
  14. The form to fill out mentions insurance. Does the trip insurance offered by Royal qualify? I'm not sailing til the end of October, so I know items could change, but just want to cover my back side.
  15. Candy is always welcomed Costumes - some, most, half 'n half; your choice. If you have room and a special costume, bring it. They have done costume parades in the evening.
  16. As far as seaport closest to airport - hands down, its Fort Lauderdale. You can almost see the cruise ships from the airport!
  17. Not to hijack this thread, but which Houston airport is the preferred one to fly into. Then what would be the best option to get to the hotels in the Galveston area? Taxi. Uber. Lyft, RC shuttle service if using A2S, or ???Thanks
  18. We were on Jewel last month and in the MD someone made a general announcement over the loud speakers as a reminder to fill out the survey. So they took it off the waitstaff to remind the passengers to fill out the survey.
  19. She looks very wide. What's her width to the Oasis class?
  20. I don't think they serve the lobster tail on the European sailings. You can get a whole lobster - up charge - though.
  21. Just recently did Chef's Table. Really enjoyed it. I had a couple of food concerns and they were very accommodating. My one concern is the filet. It is a 9oz. portion (I think), and by the time it comes I'm starting to get full. I wish they'd offer an option of a smaller portion. At the table I was at I don't think any finished their portion. What a waste of food. if you don't finish. Because then comes dessert - The World! even that was hard to finish.
  22. Jewel (European sailing) was handing out the insulated ones.
  23. I always take a picture of the placard so I can get the spelling correct. It also is helpful when it comes time to fill out the survey.
  24. On Jewel the Soft serve is in the Windjammer as stated above ; staffed
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