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How many people think we should buy a Monarch lifeboat for Matt to create a RCBlog studio/office/YouTube broadcast booth? Or, should it just be the furnishings from one of the pool bars?

Here's a photo of Monarch and Sovereign together one last time.

Updated as of today.

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37 minutes ago, bobroo said:


Or, should it just be the furnishings from one of the pool bars?

Sovereign will always hold a special place in my heart. This is sad. 

Growing up, my grandpa had the bow of a boat as his bar in the basement.  I always thought it was the coolest dang thing ever.  He also had a tap, always on a keg of Busch and we would sneak some sips of it out of the clean ashtrays while looking at his Playboys...lol. But thats another story......

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1 hour ago, coneyraven said:

That was fast ..... the Bow has been removed from Sovereign.


Very sad, there was so much pomp and circumstance when Sovereign was built and first sailed into Miami as the first purpose built mega-cruise ship.  She was the first ship of the modern cruise era.  Such an unfitting end.



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19 minutes ago, crisgold52 said:

I'm surprised the ships are being scrapped in a Turkey. Normally Alang India is the place as that scrap yard handles numerous ships per year and many cruise ships have been broken down there.

The answer to this issue is in this podcast by Doug Parker.


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3 minutes ago, coneyraven said:

Wow --- talk about a tight squeeze ..... they just jammed the Inspiration between Sovereign and Fantasy.  You get a better view of Sovereign with the bow removed.

Seems like they are trying to out do themselves now!  That is crazy tight!  Good thing they don't have to open a side door to get out...

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  • SpeedNoodles changed the title to Sovereign Has Been Beached

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