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  1. Watched Governor Ron DeSantis with Dept. of Transportation Secretary and the Florida Attorney General with reps from RCCL, NCL, MSC, Disney and Carnival and it was mentioned that the no sail order is in effect until the end of October 2021. Here is my proof: https://www.portcanaveral.com/About/Recent-News/Governor-Ron-DeSantis-Highlights-Florida's-Vital-C It was stated in the video that the CDC is in over-reach, and I said this on this blog months ago and got slammed for saying it, but here we are still not cruising because of the CDC.
  2. It is a grey area, but I referenced the site so to make people aware in case they worked for a US employer, while the ships are mandating the shot as of 3/26/2021 - but they may not mandate it later, it is unknown.
  3. From: Adventure of the Seas | Cruise Ships | Royal Caribbean Cruises -- it states (at the time of this post) that vaccines are mandatory. It doesn't say anything about mask wearing, but last I saw they were making it mandatory. I said this months ago that I expect them to pull their ships out of US ports and put them in other ports due to the over-reach of the CDC. By the way, it is unlawful for an employer to mandate a vaccine while the vaccine is under an EUA. https://www.statnews.com/2021/02/23/federal-law-prohibits-employers-and-others-from-requiring-vaccination-with-a-covid-19-vaccine-distributed-under-an-eua/ I personally will not sail where there unlawful and unhealthy mandates.
  4. Please let us know how that turns out. I am not sure how legally they can mandate something that is currently given under Emergency Use Authorization. By the way, Federal law prohibits employers and others from requiring vaccination with a COVID-19 vaccine distributed under an EUA. REF: https://statnews.com/2021/02/23/federal-law-prohibits-employers-and-others-from-requiring-vaccination-with-a-covid-19-vaccine-distributed-under-an-eua/ I am really liking the "and others" part of it. I anticipate all cruise lines will put out of US ports in order to circumvent the CDC and their rules and they will adapt their own under the flag of the country whose laws they follow and abide by.
  5. It's an idea. Just like the idea that I had of all the cruise lines pulling out of US ports and going to other ports. Example: Grandeur now going to use Barbados.
  6. Have boat shuttles from US ports to the Bahamas and then board the cruise there. Most of the lines have their own islands anyhow. This is my personal idea. That way people do not have to fly out of the country. And it would be just a short trip over anyhow. Coming back though would be the challenge. The CDC IMO is doing everything they can to destroy the cruise industry, of which they know nothing about, obviously.
  7. Yes, and I am not risking my health over tyrannical rules just to cruise.
  8. I know, and that is why I will not be sailing until all these unlawful rules are removed.
  9. Good luck with that. I have done the research and I will not be getting it.
  10. I know enough about this top to decline on wearing a mask, or getting a vax or getting traced while on board. Cruising is the most social vacation there is. With these mandates in place, I will not cruise until all 3 mentioned are removed.
  11. Yes from Florida. I guess it depends on the news feed that you watch and where you get the information on how the cases are, etc. And no, not sending from stupid cell phone. LOL
  12. Yes, but only if they did not require me to be tracked and traced everywhere I went on the ship. If they did not require any mask mandates. If they did not require a virus test (which is proven to be false - positive). If they did not require a vaccine. Kind of like pre-mid-March 2020 when we were allowed to roam free on the ship with just our sea pass card, no mask, no testing, no vaccine. The good ole' days.
  13. Watch the Press Release page because in the past when they announce extension of cruise with confidence, it almost follows with cancellation of cruises and date.
  14. I anticipate cruise lines boycotting US ports because of the CDC impossible guidelines.
  15. I said this a while ago about the CDC and was silenced for doing so. I am glad someone else said it. I've delved through the 40 pages of new guidelines that they are requiring and I do not know how the cruise industry will ever sail out of US waters again. I would not be surprised if they just started sailing out of non-US ports altogether.
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