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  1. we still watch every day ... sigh ... ships at St Maarten & planes at Maho ... & some movement in Miami ... Juneau looks so desolate
  2. & wishing YOU folks the best as it heads your way - we're starting to get effects now in Beaufort County, SC
  3. someday we will have to try Celebrity - likely when we no longer feel like driving 5 hrs to FL & resign ourselves to packing light & flying
  4. indeed, as to Charleston, SC - we live 2 hours south - so would definitely sail from there - Grandeur does come in as a day stop; we cannot bring ourselves to try Carnavel - haha
  5. Does anyone besides me wish that Royal would build some new mid-sized ships? Even with periodic upgrades these older ships will be fazed out ... it would be sad to only have the Oasis & Quantum classes in the fleet
  6. we always carry on 1 or 2 bottles depending on cruise length & also have ordered the scotch pkg for the room for Bud - if he wants drink before the D Lounge hours ... we're not big drinkers so are satisfied with that for the day & the drinks before dinner ... & whatever they offer at C&A party & over on Coco Cay, etc.
  7. indeed - & as to the Sovereign - we were on her final sailing with RCL - they did some nice farewell parties on that sailing; wonder if she is still afloat & will be sent back like Empress was - if Cuba takes off someday when life for the masses improves there - someday - but don't hold your breath ...
  8. we have friends on a Holland America world cruise right now - they are keeping a journal & reporting on all these issues - some of the cruise is broken up in segments so not all onboard are doing the whole thing - entertainers will fly in for some ports & they have many themed events - & sometimes are 2-3 days at the same port - the ship is smaller but still over a thousand passengers; the crew is apparently the same - but - is it any different than our shorter cruises where the crew has signed up for a 4 month contract?
  9. a lady of mature years in a thong suit at the Solarium pool on Freedom - like we heard many years back the first time the tour went by a clothing optional beach - "don't expect to see Bo Derek"
  10. glad some is still free - plus tip - we always order coffee & juice & cereal & rolls & fruit - to enjoy on the balcony & not rush getting dressed - later we sometimes stop & grab something else if we're planning a late lunch ... God forbid we starve, huh? ...
  11. It appears that Majesty is still in port - hope it's not a repeat of last week's safety issue?
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