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  1. Karah, this has been such an awesome blog. The detail, the great photos, and all the alcohol!! ? Thank you for sharing your cruise with us!!
  2. Karah, please "live blog" every cruise you go on!! I am really enjoying all the great photos and detail. You and Dusty know how to cruise and have a wonderful time. I hope we are on the same ship sometime soon! ? Marianna
  3. It looks like you have been having a great time! I am a big fan of the Solarium Bistro. I haven't tried Wonderland yet but it sounds like a fun experience. It's always a great idea to pick @PRC brain for great things to do at the ports of call. Thanks for more great photos, Spicy Girl! ? hahaha
  4. Hi Karah! I am late catching up but I have been loving your scopes. Great photos! Marianna
  5. Outside view would always be above the waterline, although below might be very cool! ?
  6. I love RCI but this is so wrong. Actually, I would have to say it's disgraceful. There is a lot more in play here than just the ship. There is vacation time, air fare, etc. A family vacation is a precious thing and it causes all sorts of upset when things like this happen. You may not be a frequent cruiser but in a way that makes this even more important. When you speak to Sharla, make sure she understands that you want her to go to bat for you and get better compensation. I hope everything works out for the very best and that you and your children have a great vacation together.
  7. WOW, that is an awesome rate! If I wasn't booked on the Sept 1st sailing of Freedom this would be very hard to pass up! Thanks for sharing. I passed this along to a friend who has been looking for something like this..
  8. I get email reminders too. I get one about 10 days before it's due and then I get one the day before it's due.
  9. The idea of a B2B is very appealing. I would stay on the same ship in the same stateroom if the itinerary changed. I wouldn't want to bother making a lateral move but I suppose on an Oasis class ship it might be interesting to be in Central Park for a week and then perhaps an ocean view. An exception to an itinerary change would be something like the Mariner GC. Unfortunately, it occurs in the heart of tax season. LOL I would consider hopping on another ship if it was an easy transfer. I guess it all depends on the ships and the ports.
  10. I agree that having the WJ open until midnight would be a great idea that would be easy to implement.
  11. I am inclined to stay in Old San Juan, especially if I only book for one night.
  12. I will be sailing on Freedom of the Seas on September 1st out of San Juan. I want to arrive at least a day in advance and would love to hear about your favorite hotels and/or restaurants. THANKS!
  13. If they don't have a free style machine I guess you are left with Coke, diet Coke, Sprite, ginger ale.
  14. Hello and welcome! I took a 5 night Bermuda cruise on Anthem last July. There was a great band, Rock The Boat, that covered music from the 70's on up. It's probably a different band now but I am sure you will enjoy it. Have a great cruise!
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