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  1. What kind of sodas does the Liberty of the Seas have? It does not have a freestyle soda machine.
  2. Since the Liberty of the Seas does not have a Freestyle soda machine will I have to go to a bar everytime I want a soda?
  3. Thanks everyone for quick response as always!
  4. When you have the drink package...does the bartender or waiter have to scan your sail card everytime you get a drink or do you just show him your card?
  5. I am going on the Liberty of the Seas and was wondering where I can get the freshly squeezed juices and specialty teas on the ship because I have the deluxe drink package. Another question how does the ship waiters and bartenders know you have the deluxe drink package and where do I get my coke cup that comes with the package if I already paid ahead of time?
  6. I am going on the Liberty of the Seas in June. Do they offer the 10 drink card on this ship when you get on the ship or do they do they wait till later in the cruise?
  7. I am sailing in just 46 days would I still profit this close to my cruise date?
  8. Thanks for all your answers...appreciate you all!
  9. We are going on the Liberty of Seas in June. What I want to know will they still be going to Roatan after the damage to the port in early April?
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