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The sweet firsts of Symphony--An as live as I can make it blog! March 2-9,2019


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First off because its the most important thing today ......

Its Single Digit Dance Day!!  


And now for something completely new, from me that is!  A Live Blog (or as live as I can make it) from our 7 night sailing on Symphony of the Seas, March 2-9 with stops in Nassau, St Thomas, and St Kitts/Nevis.  

Just a little background info to get you as close to as excited as I am!! 


We booked this cruise in July 2017 at NextCruise on Anthem of the Seas!  Anthem was the first cruise we had taken in 15 years!!


Symphony was still being built and we were stoked to book our first Oasis Class Ship.


I have 9 more days to to tell you all about the rest of the firsts for this cruise so "Come aboard, we're expecting you!"


Just, you know, a little larger....

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As I mentioned previously, this will be our first sailing on an Oasis class ship!   So I guess as they say “go big or go home!”   We had heard so many wonderful things about Harmony and with the addition of new venues  ( PlayMakers, Hooked, el loco fresh etc.) we are positive we’ve made the right choice! ??


Photo credit-Cruise Life Rick

I have sailed on Vision, Radiance, Voyager, and Quantam classes. For me each class has its own sparkle and shine!   Overall I do see myself as a big ship girl and I am looking forward to  being on a ship with a Promenade again!  

Because we have never sailed on an Oasis class ship, we chose to do another first. No, not a “sweet” suite as my title might suggest, but rather a category 2J Central park balcony  located on deck 11.  Big thanks to @Matt  for  letting us all in on the larger Central Park balconies as we were able to snag one!  




Photo credits-Luis Ortega

 We will be enjoying the perks of lunch at Jamie’s and a nice bottle of wine that are included with the CPB stateroom .  We have never stayed in a balcony that does not overlook the ocean and we are still not entirely sure about our decision but know it will not make or break our cruise!  I am really looking forward to sitting on the balcony at night looking at the beauty that is central park!



I will end today’s post with a pretty significant  first for us..... My husband and I will be cruising completely alone! No kids, no family, no friends!

This is US...

Someone is.....


And the other....


 Those who know me well know which one I am! @BrandonOwen @Big Dawg Ron @Wilson ??

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9 minutes ago, Big Dawg Ron said:

I hear I’ve been summoned by the one and only @Lovetocruise2002 ??? it will be fun to follow along once you actually start sailing @Karahvacatimes ???????

I’ll be sure to tag you if/when that happens!  I know how bored you will be taking care of my kid with the broken leg!  ????. You wouldn’t believe how many people have volunteered your services!!!


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On 2/22/2019 at 4:00 PM, Karahvacatimes said:

I’ll be sure to tag you if/when that happens!  I know how bored you will be taking care of my kid with the broken leg!  ????. You wouldn’t believe how many people have volunteered your services!!!


Wait!  @Big Dawg Ron is you Nanny?  Oh my!  We may need a Live Blog from BDR!  ???

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