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  1. Doing a fabulous job keeping us entertained! Thank you for sharing your vacation with us!
  2. Great! If you have any specific questions after listening to the podcast, let me know!
  3. We sailed the Radiance Southbound Alaska Cruise 3 Years ago. We disembarked and walked right over to the Pan Pacific Hotel attached to the port. It was pricey but so worth it. We booked a private City tour that took us all over to the most popular places for the day. Just spent that day and night, then took the train to Seattle. We enjoyed our day/night in Vancouver very much.
  4. Hi, I am the one that did the latest blog podcast about traveling/cruising using a wheelchair. Sorry I didn’t see this post earlier, I would have loved to help with your decision. You certainly can’t go wrong with Lady G! There is a lot to be said for knowing what you are getting into and feeling comfortable! Having sailed the Equinox I can tell you that you would have been in great hands! Especially with the reservations you had. So definitely try another time. Flying with someone that requires a wheelchair, can be intimidating for sure, but it is easier than one might think, an
  5. No problem, happy to help if I can. Is your brothers wheelchair collapsible? Or a power chair that he has to remain in? Like can he get into a van with the wheelchair folded and put in the back?
  6. Hi Sue, like Kathy said we cruise often with our son in a wheelchair. We have sailed Harmony, and the ship itself is very accessible. The accessible cabins are large and easily maneuverable . All common areas will be no problem navigating. You may run into the occasional area he can not get to with maybe a few stairs or something, but for the most part he will be good. I would recommend going to any dining room or specialty restaurants that you will be eating at and make sure they are aware that you require a table for a wheelchair user that is easily accessed. Sometimes they pack people
  7. We're in Houston! Would be interested in a possible meet up depending on location and date!! Thanks!
  8. My husband and I sailed on Equinox in 2014, and loved it!!! It was just what we were looking for. Total relaxation. However we both kept saying that our son would be very bored, and would stick to Royal when sailing with him, especially if they are used to Oasis class ships.
  9. Just stayed in a CLS #1742 on Allure a couple weeks ago. It was fantastic!!! Loved everything about the suite, and the service and extras that we received being a suite guest were amazing. If you can swing it, go for it!! WARNING.... you will likely be ruined for regular cabins again!! Oh and you may not leave the 17th deck very often!
  10. Haven't had to rent a scooter, but our son uses a wheelchair and can't walk at all. Never had a problem getting him off at a port, (even a tender port) and Royal always insists on helping him off. Have seen MANY scooters get helped off in port, even a couple weeks ago on Allure they were taking scooters onto the water taxis in St Marteen. Enjoy your cruise.
  11. Haven't sailed on the same ship twice. same class yes. Have met wonderful friends that we still cruise with and keep in touch with. Different rituals on different ships and ports. Like first thing roast beef sandwichs on any ship with park cafe, eating at Gilbert's in FLL pre cruise, going to total wine to pick up two perfect bottles of wine to take onboard. Well you get it, I literally could go on and on!!
  12. . I totally agree with you. The double points was very tempting, as that would push us into diamond, but that just wasn't incentive enough. The room size isn't a big deal, because we require an accessible cabin and that is about the same size. Do miss the closet, but don't get the bathtub, because of the roll in shower. Soooo JS just doesn't make sense. Unless we get Some EXTRA PERKS!
  13. Yes Matt 7 nights on the Harmony group cruise. We booked a JS, but the more I thought about the price difference, (which could pay for most of the additional trip expenses) also the fact that we have an accessible cabin which is already larger. And what little perks you get with a JS, I just couldn't justify it. Moved to a D4 on deck 9. Thank you for replying
  14. What is the difference in price you are willing to pay to be in a Junior Suite opposed to a Ocean View Balcony on Oasis class? Thanks
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