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  1. Hey everyone, I wish Royal had dive excursions booked with this dive shop, but I've got a very good friend who runs a dive shop in Cozumel called Scuba XOC (pronounced "shock" which is the Mayan word for Shark). It's run by my friend Carlos Lopez-Mariscal, and his website is www.scubaxoc.com. Definitely hit him up and let him know John sent you, you'll have a great time. Happy Diving!
  2. How much of a cruise nerd are you? Try your hand at the very first unofficial Royal Caribbean Blog Crossword Puzzle! https://www.xwords-generator.de/en/solve/ex4em Good luck! btw there is a typo... 19-across starts with E Best of luck :)
  3. Epilogue: My Return Trip to Austin, and Hurricane Harvey: https://iamjohnbamber.com/2017/08/30/hurricane-harvey-and-my-return-to-austin/
  4. You can visit https://iamjohnbamber.com/tag/oasis2017/ to see all of my posts from the Oasis Eclipse cruise, since I still have a lot of content yet to go through. I took a lot of video and pictures from my SCUBA dive and snorkel, in addition to a myriad of Eclipse pictures. I'll be posting more over the next few days/weeks, so that link will always have everything related to this cruise on it. Since I was traveling with such a large group, I was caught up in having so much fun that I turned out missing the posting of the blogs daily, so I didn't do a great job at "live" blogging it, but I still made sure to cover the days events even after the fact. Thanks to those who followed along!
  5. Day 7 (not-so-live) Blog https://iamjohnbamber.com/2017/08/26/cruise-day-7-nassau/
  6. Anyone going on Oasis, I have both a tip and a request for you... Last week I was on an incredible cruise, on which I was exposed to an awesomely tasty (and somewhat myserious) drink, known as..."The Lindell Special" It was one of those "don't ask what's in it, just drink it" - it's HEAVENLY. It looks similar to a Rum Runner, but it isn't. You can get one by finding a server on the pool deck named Lindell Christie (from Jamaica) - he seems to be the only one who can make this drink, and you need to find him and order one, and experience it in all its goodness. There's my tip... my question/favor is this: Can you please talk to him, and find out what's in it? I asked him once, but after having a few in me already I didn't remember (or write down) what he said it was. He had no problem talking about what was in the drink, but I wasn't smart (or sober) enough to make note of it. All I remember was rum, banana, mango, and either blueberry or strawberry, I'm just not sure. So... your mission, should you choose to accept it... is to find Lindell Christie on the Pool Deck of the Oasis, get a Lindell Special (or 2, 3, or 10), and find out what's in it and report back! Enjoy!
  7. Day 6 Blog https://iamjohnbamber.com/2017/08/25/cruise-day-6-at-sea/
  8. Day 5 Blog https://iamjohnbamber.com/2017/08/24/cruise-day-5-st-thomas/
  9. Day 4 https://iamjohnbamber.com/2017/08/24/cruise-day-4-st-maarten/
  10. Day 3 https://iamjohnbamber.com/2017/08/23/cruise-day-3-at-sea/
  11. Day 2 Live Blog https://iamjohnbamber.com/2017/08/22/cruise-day-2-at-sea-on-eclipse-day/
  12. Day One live blog: https://iamjohnbamber.com/2017/08/21/cruise-day-1-embarkation/
  13. The Meet-up @ the Oasis is tomorrow and still on! I'll be arriving around 11:45am, and will have my scope going. Not sure where the meeting place will be just yet but I'll be broadcasting live so you can find me for sure. There's a walkway bridge that connects the parking garage with the main Oasis area I figured I might hang out under that. My periscope name is @iamjohnbamber so be sure to follow me. Looking forward to seeing everyone!
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