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  1. Can't wait for daily updates! Looking forward to see how this compares to an ocean balcony ;)
  2. DocLc, Listing my current cruises here to add to the Master list...Thanks! January 31, 2019 - Brilliance of the Seas April 6, 2019 - Anthem of the Seas August 17, 2019 - Adventure of the Seas December 29, 2019 - Freedom of the seas (Group cruise) Thanks! Erin
  3. Hi Stan, I'm on the 8/18 cruise as well. Still looking for a more recent Cruise compass than 2016 for a 5 night Anthem/Bermuda cruise. Hopefully Matt will get one soon and post it on this site. From the buzz I've been hearing, there is currently no "Tribute Band" but I am sure the current bands are terrific! Only 28 more days! ~Erin
  4. May your choice be a "Brilliant" one ๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. On Facebook and other platforms I hear the website "should" be working by Monday by people who have spoken w/ Royal. Looking at the current design, it's NOT easy to navigate. It seems with every upgrade they offer less. There was an upgrade about a year ago where before you could see all the "Suite" layouts where as now, they just list the perks of the Royal Suite experience but no actual pictures/layouts. I really hope that this upgrade would bring that back and enhance other things but we will wait and see...
  6. It's all good....remember when Scott Stein defected & tried NCL last month? (haha)
  7. If you want to stay in a group on the Island, you might consider renting a bungalow/Cabana which is near the "Floating Bar"......
  8. 43 Indy 213 Anthem 444 Anthem 711 Freedom (group cruise)
  9. Adventure Planner! No surprise there... I've been planning my 2019 B-day cruise for 2 years now.....not a control freak but a paranoid planner ;)
  10. I just thought of this...everyday lingo is related to cruising..even overhearing the following conversation: "Well, in the big SPECTRUM of things, if she's trying to gain some INDEPENDENCE, then spending a month in a rustic CABIN away from the family might be a good thing" Spectrum - A New RC ship Independence - A RC ship Cabin - a Stateroom on a ship I need help.....
  11. Monday morning at work and the first thing my boss asks me is "How many days?"
  12. When cruise lingo becomes part of your everyday language..."The bathroom? Sure! that's located on the port side of the building right after you pass the two cabins (offices) near the buffet"
  13. The real advantage that I've found is is the low deposit fee...while $250-$500 is the minimum it's $100 with next cruise but yes it's non-refundable but at $100, that's a drop in the bucket.
  14. Only 4 booked for me....but the years not over yet!
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