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  1. Well I have to blame this one on Lovetocruise2002. YOLO booked it !
  2. So beautifully said Sabrina. Have a wonderful cruise and Happy Anniversary!
  3. Thank you so much for this outstanding review. I am thrilled you had such an amazing journey. Your memories will last a lifetime!
  4. Happy cruise day !! I know you will have an amazing time-. Relax and enjoy every second !
  5. I can’t wait for your star class experience too. Like I told you - I’m more excited for yours than my own ! ❤️
  6. Filet in CK is way better than Chop imo. I was so disappointed the last few times I didn’t even go last cruise. If you want the tower or lobster have them bring to Giovanni’s or any other place. I had a mini tower last time as a snack on the balcony
  7. Will be following you as I always do!! By the way La Bamba is one of our favorites as well !
  8. I love following your blogs because we think alike! My “hubby” said the other day to book the Mariner or Indy for this weekend - I would have booked anyhing - but you are correct no one cancels holiday sailings.😢😢 Have a great time !
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