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  1. Trev and Chels teamed up with Royal to donate $100,000 to Mr. Beast and Mark Rober's #TeamSeas!!! How awesome!! https://twitter.com/TmarTn/status/1454198122633105416?s=20
  2. I grabbed one of the 7 nights on Liberty. 1,000,000 points seems kind of high for this round of cruises.
  3. We’re in Oasis the 2nd week of Nov or I’d have snagged one too.
  4. There are a few cruises up on My Vegas right now. All are in the month of November
  5. I see RC has posted a slew of 3 nighters on Navigator out of LA but they are all already sold out. Was anyone able to snag one this morning? I did not.
  6. So Indy will take over the 4 and 5 night sailings from Galveston? We are scheduled on Adventure out of Galveston for 5 nights in November. We have not been canceled yet.
  7. Are the new itineraries posted anywhere? Not seeing them on the RCL website.
  8. Adventure of the Seas is on her way to Port Canaveral right now. Could these topics at all be related? I assume she’s fully staffed up with Nassau cruises set to begin in just over 3 weeks
  9. Thanks for the info! He is a very impressive singer. I’m going to look out for his livestreams! 58 and counting. 57 if you include flying into Nassau the day before ??
  10. We’ll be there! Can’t wait!! Already have thrill waterpark booked for the 4th. Crossing our fingers for fireworks at CocoCay!
  11. @CruizIan I recently redeemed for the $100 on board credit, but it was for a cruise I had just booked a couple weeks before. I believe one of the stipulations is that it has to be for a recently booked cruise. They sent me an email confirmation that had instructions to then forward the email to Club Royal and to provide my information and reservation number. The $100 OBC was a applied to my reservation within 48 hours.
  12. For anyone interested in documentaries, Wendover Productions created a documentary covering the effect of the cruise industry shutdown on Ketchikan, Alaska. https://watchnebula.com/videos/wendover-alaska
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