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  1. https://amp.elperiodico.com/es/sociedad/20200514/sanidad-prohibe-buque-allure-of-the-seas-cadiz-navantia-coronavirus-7961664
  2. There is also thinking about Wonder of the Seas, which was scheduled for the spring of 2021 I was planning to hire an outlet but I'm afraid until 2022 nothing also they have not released any news about this ship
  3. Thanks for the information and concern, I am an ambulance technician and I transfer patients with the covid19, I am not very optimistic that I can go in December to take the oasis, I am considering hiring a new cruise for Europe in the harmony of the seas. Greetings
  4. Hello everyone, I am writing to you from Madrid (Spain) one of the epicenters of the covi19, in February of last year I contracted my second trip in the oasis class this time in the oasis of the seas in December, my question is, those codes that you put Can we all take advantage of it? or how is it going? thanks to everyone
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.europapress.es/andalucia/cadiz-00351/noticia-aplazada-reparacion-crucero-allure-royal-caribbean-astillero-cadiz-20200313100057.html
  6. good i was in symphony and they didn't include
  7. Buenas a todos os paso nuevas fotos del oasis Un saludo https://www.lavozdigital.es/cadiz-provincia/cadiz/lvdi-primeras-imagenes-reparacion-crucero-303245692168-20191029115854_galeria_amp.html
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