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Favorite spot on an Oasis Class ship

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30 minutes ago, RCIfan1912 said:

What is the best or some of the best spots for sail away on Oasis class ships and Oasis specifically. 

The bridge wings (accessible through the solarium I think? or Deck 14) give you a great, unobstructed view.  Also, if you want an aft view, there is a hidden spot just behind the aqua theater that is very quiet as well for sail away.

Also I agree @tonyfsu21, if you are in a suite, then take advantage of the helipad sail away party (but very windy sometimes).  Personally, we love sail away from our balcony.

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On 4/5/2020 at 12:35 PM, Shari said:

The Champagne Bar WAS my favorite spot but only Allure has one now.  I hope I can get back on her before they put in the replacement when she is refurbished.

Totally agree with you. We love the champagne bar on Allure and Oasis, It was our favorite spot. Very disappointed it has been transformed into the bionic bar. We will need to find a new place for pre dinner cocktails. 

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