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  1. I’d still go. Washy Washy!!!! 🧼 🧼 🧼
  2. Agree with the CDC website. It’s what physicians use to get info about which vaccinations to give in different countries and is continuously updated based on what diseases are going on in the world. Also has some great safety tips too.
  3. We had quite a rocky cruise this time (all the way forward deck 10 didn’t help either) but neither my husband or I get seasick so it was fine. What was bad was the motion on land! At ports I couldn’t wait to get back on the ship to feel normal. Took me about 5 days before neither of us could feel the ocean waves. While it was annoying I was sort of sad to see it fade as it was the last reminder of our cruise other than the pictures and souvenirs...
  4. We don’t have the Chase Sapphire Reserve but have a close friend who loves it for the travel- I believe it gets him into airport lounges as well. We have the Delta Amex. I’m not sure what the foreign transaction fees are but we always paid cash. We travel with kids a lot and the free checked bags (I’m not a light picker) and yearly companion ticket are worth it for us.
  5. I agree as well. I went on my first cruise this past January and felt so well prepared from all the advice. I never felt judged or that I was asking an annoying question. I talked to several other first timers on our cruise and they felt lost and overwhelmed (I recommended this blog for next time!). Thanks everyone for the guidance- it was one of the best vacations we have ever had. Looking forward to Symphony again next year!
  6. $57 for my sailing last month. That was the best I saw after daily stalking. Definitely got my money’s worth and never had any ill effects the next morning (and I’m not a drinker) between a coffee in the morning, a few cocktails throughout the day, and unlimited water bottles. Boleros makes some of the best drinks on the ship- definitely do the coconut mojito! 🌴 🥥
  7. We almost bought the dining package for our first cruise and honestly didn’t miss it. It was a 7 night cruise and the main dining room was excellent. We made sure to go to the two formal nights and a couple of others. There was a night where we were just too full and didn’t feel like eating (grabbed a late slice of pizza at Sorrentos). The last night we celebrated with a la carts Izumi. I think for the first time maybe the 3 night package would be fine. And don’t forget the main dining room for lunch too! Excellent food and service!
  8. Symphony (I have heard some of the other Oasis class as well) has a small nightlight in the bathroom. We led the door ajar and it was just enough to get to the bathroom but was not too bright. You can always close the bathroom door and it was dark as well.
  9. They are complimentary and located several places. Check the map they give you with the cruise compass the night before. I honestly let very safe while I was there. We carried a small amount of cash as I wanted to shop at the straw market (we collect magnets) but other than this or tips you do not need money. We went and swam but left everything on our chairs and I never had a second thought about someone taking my towel or my phone when we were in the water. I don’t know if anyone else has had the same experience, maybe I’m too Minnesota nice!
  10. We were there January 17 and it wasn’t open yet but they told us the anticipated opening was January 30- don’t know if it’s changed. Here’s a picture from the tram as it takes you around the backside of the water park. They had a high wall up so you couldn’t see so this was the best I could get (hot air was closed the day I was there due to wind).
  11. We just got off the Symphony earlier this month and used the Wow bands. You had to buy them on board (Bolero’s on our ship). We went right away to avoid the line which did form later. I enjoyed it as I did not have pockets on most of my outfits. Much of the time I did not have to take it off but occasionally I did. I did not find that inconvenient compared to searching through my bag for a sea pass or wearing a lanyard around my neck. You literally use it for everything while on the ship- drinks, buying things as flash sales and at the souvenir shops, getting into my room, access to shows, ordering alcohol in the main dining room. It worked for everything on Coco Cay too, including drinks. The only thing I needed my sea pass card for was getting off the ship. If you have more than one of you in your party I would suggest getting a different color as sometimes mine and my husbands got mixed up. This wasn’t a big deal- the bartenders usually laughed about it and we were never denied a drink. When we did have to remove the bands the bartenders were great about telling us which was which. We will definitely use these again and saved them for our next cruise.
  12. Thanks! I’m going to stop and get some before we head to the terminal. Already had a little Dramamine and meclizine but going to pick up a little extra. Enjoy your cruise!
  13. Seems like rough seas to me but I’m also a newbie! It’s my first cruise on Symphony tomorrow. Hope you aren’t too 🤢🤮. Hopefully I am completely wrong about the waves! Was just wondering if I should pre-medicate tomorrow or not (I don’t usually get motion sickness but everyone has a threshold).
  14. Update: 46 days out and FINALLY!!!!!! I looked early this morning and was not able to access but sometime today the booking for shows went live. Hang in there everyone who is still waiting!!!
  15. We are St. Kitts abs St. Thomas for ports. I thought it would be fun to go on a weekday just to make up if nothing is offered on Sunday on the ship but I noticed that all service times were outside of port times. 😞 At least I can say I tried!
  16. My husband and I got the key. We have not used it yet (Jan 2020) but for us it was three things that sold us: 1) We were going to want internet for both of us anyway. 2) I would be stressing about not getting a decent seat at shows and this would put a damper on the vacation so we decided the Key is worth it to us for my sanity. It’s different for everyone I am finding out. 3). This is our first sailing and I am intrigued by everything I am hearing about Chops except for the price. This seemed like a happy medium as well. Not exactly the same but a sampler.
  17. This might be a long shot but what do you think there will be for chances of having a priest on board for Sunday mass (sea day for us)? Anyone ever experience mass at sea? I hear it does happen but have no clue where I would find this out.
  18. Wrong forum. I deleted this and moved it to the general forum. Sorry!
  19. I am on the January 11 Symphony sailing. I have been waiting to book onboard shows-trying to be patient. I was rebooking a beverage package a couple of weekends ago and asked and they said I will be able to book at 60 days out. Well it’s 60 days until sailing and nothing. Tired of hitting my refresh button here......is this normal? I also haven’t “checked in” yet- does this have anything to do with booking shows? Thanks in advance everyone!
  20. I recently discovered that I can do conferences through work on cruise lines (mostly paid for through work). Otherwise cruising has never been on my radar. I have a feeling this is going to become an addiction and we will start saving for self-funded Cruises.
  21. Fellow lurker here! Actually this post made me finally decide to make an account. Here’s to actually posting now!
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