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  1. Right on! We're looking at a 6-7 Night Western Caribbean. In late January/early February, if it helps.
  2. I don't have an invoice yet, we haven't booked the next cruise. I'm trying to budget things out, and wanted to see if there was a buffer zone.
  3. We sailed on Explorer in Feb., and several members of our group were able to board without a Set Sail Pass at all. They were definitely sure to have their passport, though, so that may have helped.
  4. Possibly more a question for MEI Travel, but does anyone have an idea about the timeframe your cruise needs to be paid by? Like, the last payment should be made ________ before your sail date?
  5. So, I'm checking out RC.com researching my next cruise, and I wanted to ask everyone's opinion on the larger ships vs. the sort of mid-sized ships in the RC fleet. Our previous cruise was on Explorer, just before her refit, and we loved it! In looking for our next one, there's the option to go on Explorer again (which is tempting; I'd like to see her after the facelift ) and a couple of other ships that are right around the same size (Independence & Brilliance, to be specific.) But there are also options for some of the more opulent ladies of the fleet (Allure, Harmony, Oasis & even O
  6. For those that have rented during the excursions, how difficult was it to get gear in your size? I'm a bigger guy, and had to get a near-custom wetsuit and had to make some minor modifications to my BC to get it to fit properly; would I be in trouble if I had to rent equipment from the LDS? Would it be better for me to bring equipment in my case?
  7. Out of curiosity, are those prices for the dining packages ($99 for 3-Nights & $179 for unlimited) about average for RC across the fleet?
  8. I will say that the seas on embarkation day out of Miami were particularly rough. We were sailing with a couple of experienced cruisers who said it was unusual. The rest of the trip was pretty smooth, though.
  9. That's gotta be it. Perfect remedy. You're really good at this whole 'diagnosis' thing!
  10. Not specific to Royal Caribbean, but we *did* just get back from a RC cruise on Explorer to the Eastern Caribbean. Loved the cruise, and already planning our next one. We got back into port on Friday morning, and disembarked. I expected to feel as though I was still on the boat for a few hours afterwards, maybe a day or two. But here it is Monday evening, and I still feel as though I'm swaying and bobbing. Is this a normal feeling, or something I should be concerned about?
  11. Hi, gang, going on my first RC cruise in Feb. on Explorer of the Seas. Can't stand the waiting. I know it's not exactly 'dining,' but I'm just curious to know if anyone might know how experienced or knowledgeable the bartenders might be on board. For example, if I asked for an Aviation, or a Painkiller, or a Jack Rose, do you think they might know how to make it? Or would I be better off sticking to more 'mainstream' beverages?
  12. Hi, gang, Not really RC specific, but I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on how much spending money I should take with me on my upcoming cruise? I've done cruises before, but I was a kid at the time, and didn't really need to worry about that sort of thing. Now that I'm doing all the leg work, I'm looking for your best advice - is there a good rule of thumb, or is everything kind of subjective? 5-Night Explorer of the Seas - Miami (Embarkation), Nassau, Sea Day, Labadee, Sea Day, Miami (Disembarkation) I'm planning on buying a drink package and shore excursions be
  13. Hi, everybody! I've been on a couple of cruises before when I was a kid, but this will be my first time doing everything on my own. I'm currently looking at one of the RC cruises to Cococay or Labidee in February. I know that the recommendation is to go with a travel agent, but I wanted to get an idea of pricing before I actually committed, and the RC website was fairly easy to navigate. I know that the Labor Day sale is wrapping up shortly, and I'm afraid that I'm going to miss it. Does anyone know if RC has a fairly consistent schedule for sales events? If so, do you know when the next
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