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  1. My daughter pretends to use walkie talkies lately, so I was going to buy her some real ones. I figured they might as well be useful besides her playing with them. Looking for suggestions on ones that work well on the ships. Any suggestions?
  2. I don't think another 100 days is out of the question. I don't think Royal does either based on the offers they are sending to their casino member list. They are sending offers to fill cruises starting on 7/14. Aside from not cruising right now, the cruise industries biggest problem would be to have a nasty outbreak on a ship because they rushed back to cruising. Waiting an extra week, two weeks or a month after this dies down would probably be better than having to suspend operations again because they tried to open up to soon.
  3. I did not. I am going to wait until closer to the 30th to see how everything is going then. Maybe get a different/better offer by then. The offer code was the same both times for each offer.
  4. New email offer for sailings from July 14th to August 31st. Free interior room plus $50 free play. Only offered on sailings from three Florida ports and Galveston.
  5. I have used the GTY cabin booking twice. First time I was "upgraded" from an interior room to a Central Park View right by the rear elevators on Symphony. Second time my balcony GTY was right next to the forward elevators on Anthem. Both were pretty good in my opinion. If you are not concerned with where you may end up it is a good way to reduce your costs that you can then use for things like excursions or dinner/drink packages.
  6. Yes, I have seen they are mostly anchoring in the same area. They are probably enjoying their self isolation a lot more than we are.
  7. No matter how late I stay up being an early riser on the ships is one of my favorite things too.
  8. Will like to know how this works out. I am an insurance agent for AAA. If I book through AAA, or book directly and move it over, I get about 10% rebate, which is equal to the TA commission on the booking.
  9. You can't put the horse back in the barn. Everyone should be self isolating now. Everyone should have been self isolating two weeks ago instead of packing Disney for the last fireworks show. Instead of packing beaches and drinking beer out of women's butt cracks screaming f corona. He shouldn't have to single out people from NY or NJ because everyone needs to be doing this. Florida will have five New York cities if they don't, and it won't be because a few snowbirds escaped down from the northeast.
  10. I was offered interior room for three for an additional $1049 i think. That was a sailing out of Cape Liberty on Oasis in October.
  11. I wish I bought more duty free liquor on my February cruise.
  12. So did I. I have been waiting for a rep on the phone for 50 minutes so far. It has gone from $200 credit to book on board on my last day of my last cruise 2/29/2020, to $50 credit in the week after, to $200 credit after that, and now a free interior stateroom for two. Might as well book it, right? Wonder what the cancellation policy would be.
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