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  1. Seems like the refunds aren't really being processed in order of cancellation. I cancelled all of our cruise planner purchases for our September 28th Honeymoon Cruise on Independence of the Seas on the day that NCL announced they were cancelling cruises through September 30th figuring Royal would most likely do the same just so I could get ahead of the next wave of cancellations and it only took about a week to get the refunds. So pretty much standard RCCL pre-covid. Weird right?
  2. I booked the same itinerary 9/27/20 - 10/3/20 for my honeymoon and I'm thinking the private islands are definitely a tick in the positive column for us.
  3. I am also a frequent Delta Flyer and it always seems that their prices defy the odds. Time after time I've waited to book flights thinking I'm booking too far out only to have those original prices be the lowest I ever saw. I'd say if you are comfortable with the price and you could travel elsewhere (& pay change fees if applicable then) then I would say book when you want. I feel that as more of the country opens up and more travel is at least possible or more than a major unknown that flights are going to start increasing in price back to more normal prices or more fees are going to get
  4. More experiences for about the same price, I'd say you are the winner and I love that Royal allows repricing instead of locking you in
  5. Hey everyone, My fiancee and I are looking at booking our second cruise of the year for our honeymoon at the end of September-beginning of October, just curious what you all have had good experiences with or have found to be good pricing on travel insurance? I've had the insurance through RCI before but have heard many cons lately about getting the insurance directly through the company you are traveling with. Any suggestions to look into would be greatly appreciated, Thanks
  6. On my Symphony of the Seas sailing right before the COVID-19 postponement of operations the lowest it got was $59/day. My 2019 Oasis cruise was $49. So there are a few prices for the biggest ships.
  7. 100% correct. We know how hard they work to actually keep the ships clean and love the style of vacation that cruising allows
  8. Central Park 1)love eating at Park Cafe and sitting outside enjoying lunch or breakfast as you don't dine outside much on a cruise, and coming from MN in the winter makes it wonderful to eat outside instead of being cooped up. 2)The lights and quite/relaxing atmosphere of central park after dark is wonderful, especially with the live musicians others have mentioned
  9. Its amazing how much the cruise industry is on blast. Time after time they are used as an example of COVID-19 disasters or activities that aren't recommended anyway. I get pretty irritated with the people that claim the ships as germ pools or "floating incubators of viruses, bacteria, or disease." It makes me wonder if these people writing these articles have been on a cruise before or if they did and it just wasn't their cup of tea for a vacation per say. I know we are supporters of the cruise industry on here so we may be a little bias on the other side but I feel the Royal ships are quite c
  10. I agree with this and have been thinking it for awhile. Everyone is quick to say they aren't US companies. But they still support many US jobs and industries.
  11. Isn't it sad that your comment is so true, especially right now. I watched an interview the other day on CNN and the financial analyst guest was I kid you not asked the same exact question 3 times as the host (conducting the interview) was just reaching so hard for a quote she could use as a headline. The guest got very upset and said well I've already answered that question and kept saying the same thing but eventually she explained just a tiny bit more and sure enough that was the little she used as her take away. I think it's crazy in this instance for them not to say 3 months because that'
  12. It might be too early for the full cruise planner to populate. Sometimes it takes a long time
  13. We knew it wasn't going to just be avid cruisers buying stock if they had money. These are the times that wealthy folks like up their next pile of cash. Buy low and Sell high is the way to go to increase your portfolio.
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