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I think we will be cruising by May

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17 hours ago, Branderson610 said:

I am just going off of gut instinct. I think we will be cruising by May. The smartest people in our country are working on the virus. Social isolation is helping to stop the spread. Also, I am sure measures are going to be taken for those who will be traveling, some sort of extra screening. I am sure the cruise lines and etc. are trying to figure out ways to get up and running as soon as possible. That's just my guess. 

I was happy to see your post, we need to be positive during this time.  So many people are turning against each other, sad because we need one another to get through this.  

I want to believe that things will be better by May.  So many people are out of work right now and do not have an income coming in.  The hospitality industry is made up of very hard working people in restaurants, resorts, retail, and if this were to continue these are the people that will suffer the most.  I think for the most part people are trying to follow the guidelines, yes there are some that do not, but in life there will always be folks that think rules are not for them.  I am staying home when I can, except for groceries if and when needed.  All my friends are doing the same.

I am over seventy, a friend is 88.  She has been through wars and diseases but has never seen anything like this.  Please let’s stop blaming everyone and work together to bring this to an end, for those who are sick and those who are struggling without a means of support.  No one knows when this will end, but trying to look on the bright side will get us through this, let’s take it two weeks at a time, not months down the road.  




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Trying to be optimistic about cruising again or even some sort of good news about the world! I keep wondering about the magic week in April!! What will change by then? Will this peak and then its just over and the world is clean and safe again for everyone to begin traveling again? What is keeping everyone so optimistic? I get that we need things to look forward too, I LOVE the lead up to my usual next cruise, but I am also trying to be realistic here. 

Is Royal getting different news that the rest of the world? Are they aware of when a vaccine will be introduced and are able to make promises based off of that? I think not. Until a vaccine is found, distributed world wide and there has been a true settling of growing cases I dont think any part of the travel industry is going to "open up" for real. They are in the business of making money. They have a corporation to to protect. They will say anything right now to 1) Keep booked passenger $$ and 2) Continue to create interest in what is right now an unknown product.

there is no definite news on anything right now other than confirmed cases keep rising. The smartest people in the world are working on this 24/7. What makes us think that Royal knows best here?


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With our border now closed to the US, I coudlnt go even if I wanted to.


Seems to be the consensus is 4-5 weeks for this to peek here in Canada....which is well after my April 17th cruise date.


I am thinking its going to be June before we see things start to get back to "normal"....time will tell!

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