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Favorite spot on an Oasis Class ship

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Central Park 1)love eating at Park Cafe and sitting outside enjoying lunch or breakfast as you don't dine outside much on a cruise, and coming from MN in the winter makes it wonderful to eat outside instead of being cooped up. 2)The lights and quite/relaxing atmosphere of central park after dark is wonderful, especially with the live musicians others have mentioned

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For me I would have to agree with anywhere on the ship because that means that I am far away from work, but if I had to rank them the top three for me would be Central Park, The Boardwalk, and my balcony in that order!  I enjoy being able to grab a small morsel and people watch or watch the sea roll by and watch a sunrise or sunset!  

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On 4/4/2020 at 9:33 PM, tonyfsu21 said:

Just to keep the positive momentum, what’s your favorite spot onboard any Oasis class ship? For me it’s the area on the boardwalk right across from the Doghouse. I like to grab a hotdog & a beer and just people watch. I could literally sit there for hours if my wife & kids didn’t make me leave! 

When the weather is nice, Central Park.  Love to listen to the musicians in the afternoon/evening and have a glass of wine.

2nd favorite spot is the cafe on the Promenade.

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