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Sail away drink

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On 11/8/2021 at 7:19 PM, Matt said:

Lava flow with kraken rum

This is my go to first drink thanks to your recommendation a while back. Sailing Mariner tomorrow and can’t wait to head up to the pool bar to get one.   My 13 year old loves the virgin Lava Flows so much we make them at home. 

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6 hours ago, loki007 said:

you guys are making me thirsty! I always go for the Ultimate Mai Tai 

yes!! Once I found out I should be asking for a "top shelf" Mai Tai or "top shelf" mojito at the bars the cocktails got soo much tastier and my mornings were all sans-hangover. Thank you beverage package!

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Was informed yesterday by bar staff that Mariner of the Seas is completely out of Pina Colada mix day 1 of a five day cruise! No Lava Flow???? We truly are living in the last days!!!!

How can they run out on the first day? It sounds like they did not restock it before sailing off. Maybe they can pick some up at the next port?

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