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Testing onboard is working. 2 Passengers on CelebrityMillennium test positive.

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Unless something drastically changes, here is the outlook. The people that tested positive were isolated and treated. Not left to rot, like in 2020. People with close contact got isolated

So 2 out of 600 people, thats not bad in the current climate. a 0.00333 ratio. Although sadly that isnt the spin the news agencies are putting on it

They announced on the ship that the patients were moved to isolation rooms. According to my room steward, all of the people who were in contact have been tested negative and released. There'

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9 hours ago, Nacho Libre said:

If they don’t clean up their act pronto on this testing nonsense, I’m just gonna cancel for March and eat the deposit,  let someone else deal with the headache,

I would not cancel a March 2022 cruise based on what's going on now.  If current reporting is to be believed most Caribbean Islands are ramping up their vaccine roll outs.  The islands with the highest vaccination rate at 60% of the population in the Caribbean are the Cayman Islands but they have banned cruise ship until 2022. The next three islands are Anguilla at 40% then Turks and Caicos at 31%, and finally British Virgin Islands at 26%.  All other islands including the Bahamas and Jamaica are below 24%.  While over in Mexico and Central America, Mexico leads with just 15% of their population being vaccinated. However all of these cruise destinations with-in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America are ramping up their roll out as more vaccine becomes available so we should see much higher vaccination rate come of March 2022. 

I wouldn't cancel the cruise right now, instead I would suggest you wait until final payment is due and if it looks like cruise lines are still performing COVID testing during the voyage as that date nears then you make your decision. Don't make a decision based on what you are seeing right now because things will get better as time goes on.

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